Top Fashion Magazine in Toronto

Canada, specifically Toronto, is leading in providing the best fashion news. If you are looking for celebrity fashion news or just want fashion tips, there is more to learn from the following top fashion magazines in Toronto.

1. Milenio Stadium

This magazine covers top news stories, sports, fashion, life, and many more. Whether you want to read in English or Portuguese, this is the best place to be. This magazine has a fashion sector where it explains everything happening in the industry and gives various fashion tips you can try out. Whether in Milton or Oakville, your Milenio Stadium magazine is wherever you are. It is a digital platform with lots of information for fashion seekers.

2. Fajo Magazine

This is one of the greatest Canada’s digital fashion magazines. With its headquarters in Toronto, has gained over 145,000 followers all over social media and gets over 500, 000 visitors from all over the world in a month. It has contributors spread across UAE, Australia, UK, US, and Canada. The main aim of this magazine is to provide details on the fashion industry across Brampton, Caledon, Richmond Hill & Vaughan, and beyond. Actually, the magazine has a crew of professional photographers, journalists, fashion consultants, and designers. All these people have won different awards. It is a purely-online magazine that publishes its content once a month. You may call it a multicultural newspaper because of its fashion coverage across different cultures. At Fajo, it is compulsory to produce original content which covers high-profile events in Canada, US, UK, UAE, Italy, and Australia. It also features growing talents that may receive national recognition in the fashion industry. The magazine is exclusive to fashion news only on fashion designers and celebrities, and if you are looking for the “best dressed” gallery, Fajo is the best place to look at.

3. Flare

Flare is another fashion magazine in Canada bringing you every detail you would love to know about fashion and celebrity life. If you love reading about beauty, fashion and style, this is the magazine for you. It has extensive information on these, and more categories and its photo galleries will keep you busy and excited. There is a lot about fashion and style you can gain from Flare Magazine.


STYLE magazine is the home for style seekers curious about fashion and design. It is a platform that eliminates curiosity by bringing everything you need to know about fashion. It is there to entertain you and help you discover while it introduces you to different patterns of thoughts, new and useful ideas, and adding value to your life. Visit STYLE and enjoy browsing through categories like beauty, fashion, culture, and style. In short, there is a lot to learn from the magazine.

5. Preferred Magazine

The founder, Carlo Greco, has over 30 years of experience in creating exceptional publications. Preferred Magazine is an extension of his work focusing on men’s lifestyle, including fashion. Carlo has had the privilege to work and interact with A-list celebrities, and this has given him an insight into creating one of Canada’s finest digital and print magazines. Preferred Magazine has a global perspective on men’s lifestyle and has a team of well-chosen editors, photographers, and writers to cover a range of topics, including travel, fashion and style, grooming, technology, and automotive.
These are the top fashion magazines in Toronto and across Canada. If you are curious about fashion and style, consider looking at these.

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