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Meghan Markle… dealt a Royal Flush

In my article from last week l gave you my perspective on whether a royal family should have any role in society today and what they really do on an ongoing basis. If history has taught us anything, it’s that royalty has some how managed to exist and found ways to stay relevant.

In the early 1980s when the royal family had a bit of a slump, princess Diana comes into the mix and creates this global buzz with the entire universe falling in love with this innocent young woman at the time she was dating prince Charles and subsequently marrying him. She single handily restored a desire to continue to be royal watchers, but she also brought a classy component to the royal family that at the time lacked any class. She was able to create a machine that wherever Princess Diana and Charles would visit, the popularity numbers went up. She restored interest in the royal family that was seriously wildering but instilled a fresh energy that was lacking for years.

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Her popularity was so immense, that the rest of the royal family resented the fact that Princess Diana was much more popular than any of them including Queen Elizabeth. This simple outsider was taking the royal family by storm and everyone wanted to see Princess Diana only. After years of isolation, she started to deal with depression and having to deal with much resentment from the rest of the royal family. However, she had enough will power, that she broke away from the royals and became this obstacle for the royal family.

Rumours and conspiracy theories started around the breakup of Princess Diana and Prince Charles that continued to make worldwide headlines and put out a great deal of gossip of which the royal family was not too happy about. In many ways the royal family wanted no part of Diana and in many cases, wished that she never existed. Once she got some confidence back, she was out there trying to make her presence felt and she was very opinionated on many issues that were important to her included the land mines issues to just mention one.

On August 31, 1997, Princess Diana was killed in a car accident in Paris, France, along with her partner, Dodi Fayed, and their driver, Henri Paul. Diana was 36 years old when she passed away. This accident and subsequently the death of Princess Diana became the biggest conspiracy theory at the time. Many pundits have said that the accident was something planned by the underground associated to the royal family. 

To this day, conspiracy theories about the crash abound. While different, the theories share the same thesis. It looks like this was no accident, Mr. al-Fayed, Dodi’s father, believes Diana was pregnant with his son’s child. Another theory posits that Diana feared such an attack. Diana’s former butler published a note Diana had written soon after her divorce from Charles in 1996, at her lowest and most paranoid. Whatever you may feel about the Princess Diana saga, she was definitely an issue and once again taking centre stage and upstaging the royal family.

She had to go…….

Fast forward with things moving fairly comfortable for the royals with a slit hick up with the Princess Andrew sex scandal, the royal family was flying under the radar. The royal family was chucking away with very little bad press until Meghan Markle shows up. At the time that Prince Harry was dating Meghan Markel, the royals didn’t make much of this and were confident that things would be under control. 

Did they ever misread this relationship….?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle interview with Oprah was one of the most watched interviews with a lot of negative issues coming out of the chat. This interview because of social media and the worldwide web, story lines can easily and quickly be sent everywhere and anywhere. I believe that this interview and what came out whether true or not has impacted the royal family and its popularity worldwide. It may still be fairly popular in the United Kingdom, but everywhere else across the globe, this interview created an image that the royal family was out of touch with today’s feelings. 

Meghan Markle said that while Harry was deeply concerned about her emotional fragility, her effort to seek medical help was rebuffed by palace officials, who worried about the impact on the monarchy. She described herself as a sort of prisoner in Kensington Palace. The interview also brought out the issue of which family member had raised the question about her baby’s skin color, nor did she fully explain why the royal family had not automatically planned to confer a royal title, which would have provided security protection for the child. These issues that were brought out in this interview have cast a very bad image of the royal family and their  true feelings if they are true. 

The biggest issue that was cast upon the royals during this interview, is that the family is racist and in todays cancel culture and racists privilege, this word carries a lot of weight and whether right or wrong, in today’s culture, the race card is the best card to play. As Prince Harry and Meghan’s interview reverberates internationally, it’s left the more than 50 million viewers grappling with the couple’s claims of racism and lack of support that Meghan says drove her to thoughts of suicide. For many black women worldwide, the headlines and social media discussions were painfully familiar. With social media conversations questioning whether racism affected Meghan’s treatment by the British press and royal family, many Black women say it is yet another example of Black women experiences with racism being disregarded and denied.

These issues have created the… cancel culture of the royals and Meghan Markle may single handed have destroyed this family.

Thus, a Royal Flush…

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