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“It’s a lot of spending”- Tim Hudak

Federal Budget

Tim Hudak, became Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario Real Estate Association in 2016, and before he served the people of Ontario as an MPP from 1995 to 2016, reaching the honorable position of leader of the Conservative Progressive party of Ontario for five years.

It’s a lot of spending-canada-milniostadium
Tim Hudak. Créditos: DR.

Recently, he was interviewed by Manuel DaCosta on Here’s The Thing for Camões TV and in addition to doing a detailed analysis of the current state of Real Estate in Ontario, he also had the opportunity to give us his view on the newly presented federal budget.

His long experience in the real estate market, combined with his political experience, gives Tim Hudak the ability to make us look at the present and future moment of the Canadian economy in another perspective. Hudak has no doubt that Real Estate has a key role in the  development of the country and the province of Ontario in particular. And it presents concrete ideas that could make the economy move.

Manuel DaCosta: What do you have to say about the federal budget that was released last Monday, April 19? If you have to describe it in one word?

Tim Hudak: It’s a lot of spending. Just to go back to the province. We put some ideas on the table and spoke with Premier Ford and his Cabinet Administer and we say: if you want to get the economy going again as we emerged from Covid, Real Estate can play a big role, because when you buy a house, you don’t buy just the house, you buy new furniture, appliances, you get to fix it up in a few places, you pay the movers. When somebody buys a home is over 80.000 in spin off activities, so if you want those jumper cable to restart the economic engine of Ontario, how about eliminate the land transfer tax? That would get more people buying homes or more people selling their homes, because now they don’t have to worry about a big tax if they downsized empty nesters, for example. We calculate that it would create a lot of jobs, about 32.000 more houses transactions, So, anyway, they’re listening, hopefully it would be successful, there’s a way that Real Estate can help get Ontario’s economy fire in all cylinders and get people back to work and payroll. On the Federal side I worry that governments could intervened too much in the house marketing, they might make harder for people to get a mortgage for example, or want to get into the market, so it’s happening nothing was in there against Canadians for that, I worry that might be a future plan, they did put money in to broad band, the top questions that realtors are getting in small towns is no longer how many doctors are there, or how are schools like, it’s: how is the internet service? So, that was helpful to see. They also brought up some programs to help people save in their energy cost, or if you’re fixing up the furnace, putting insolation in the walls. I think those are good because they’d help particularly middle-class families. 

Manuel DaCosta/MS

Transcrição: Lizandra Ongaratto

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