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“A vaccine will provide protection, but an overall wellness program is important”

- Dr. Robert Francis

The pandemic surprised everyone and everything. Humanity’s lack of knowledge on how to deal with a virus hitherto unknown, led to a lack of control which propelled the spread at an enormous speed.

This was followed by a series of theories on how we should act to try to control its spread. We quickly began to receive information—physical distancing, hand hygiene and the use of a face masks were essential to protect ourselves from this enemy called SRAS-Cov2, which causes a Covid-19. Soon thereafter came the idea that salvation will come in the form a vaccine that has yet to be discovered. Amid this information which was conveyed by technicians and scientists, came the notion that masks are harmful after all, they take away our freedom and that vaccines are dangerous. The best way to discover the truth is to speak a specialist, so we bring you the opinions of Dr. Robert Francis, founder of Franmed Health.

A vaccine will provide protection-capa-mileniostadium
Dr. Robert Francis. Photo: DR

Milénio Stadium: First of all, thank you for doing this. How have you been coping with the pandemic on a personal and business level?

Dr. Robert Francis: Business has been challenging because of governmental regulations. Trying to do consultations via Zoom has its problems but it’s the times we live in.

MS: This week in Milénio Stadium, an assessment is being made regarding the development of the Covid 19 pandemic and how people have progressed with it on a mental level. Where do you think we are today in terms of acceptance?

Dr. RF: Mentally people’s condition deteriorated due to the quarantine and I believe that chronic depression and apathy will be the next big issue for society.

MS: What type of disease is Covid 19 (if it’s a disease)?

Dr. RF: It may not be a disease, but it is a viral disease. It behaves differently than normal diseases because of its transmission by way of droplets and therefore has to be handled differently.

MS: Many people believe that protective masks are an infringement on their rights and freedoms. What would you say to someone about that?

Dr. RF: The public health system has let the public down in some aspects. Confusing information at the start regarding masks and lack of protective equipment resulted in the propagation of the pandemic. Canada sent protective equipment to China when it was needed in Canada.

MS: The health authorities have in many cases provided confusing information pertaining to how people should behave during the pandemic. How do you think that the medical establishment and governmental authorities have handled informing the public?

Dr. RF: The misinformation being distributed at the start of the pandemic resulted in many conspiracy theories which continue today.

MS: Many conspiracy theories have surfaced pertaining to the pandemic and approaches to its control. What is your view of the misinformation in the media and social media which fuels many of these theories and potential resistance to recommended practices of prevention? The fall is approaching, and extensive campaigning will be implemented regarding flu vaccinations. A large percentage of the population still doesn’t believe that vaccines are necessary and that they can be harmful. What would you say to non-believers and anti-vaxxers in this regard?

Dr. RF: Without vaccines we wouldn’t have controlled polio, meningitis, etc. The yearly flu shot provides an extra protection which may be effective against catching the flu. There is no truth that these vaccines contribute to the development of autism, etc. It is highly recommended everyone get a flu shot.

MS: The development of vaccines for Covid 19 is progressing at a rapid pace in many areas of the world with Russia claiming to have developed one. What is your opinion on the development of a Covid 19 vaccine and potential timelines?

Dr. RF: I predict that a Covid-19 vaccine will be developed within the next 6 months.

MS: Will a vaccine be the answer to rid the world of this pandemic?

As a doctor who is involved in many aspects of genetics and the workings of our bodies do you see cures for pandemics such as the current one dependent on each of us keeping our systems healthy and physically in shape or is this just a part of prevention in conjunction with a potential vaccine?

Dr. RF: Keeping your system’s health goes a long way in preventing disease. When you reach the age of 60 you are more exposed to the on-set of disease due to diabetes, etc. A vaccine will provide protection, but an overall wellness program is important. Development of genetics to control disease will be the next big thing.

MS: The future is going to be much different from the past in regards to our behaviour towards society in general due to the pandemic. Are you doing anything different in your practice which will embrace the future expectations of your patients?

Dr. RF: Awareness of how the brain functions and introduction of vented viral manipulation will be introduced in our practice.

MS: What is your best advice to people going forward to get through the challenges being presented on the areas of health and wellness?

Dr. RF: Be aware of your health in consultation with your health care provider.

Thank you for your advice and reasoned opinions DR. Robert Francis, FFounder of Franmed Health.

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