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How women are shaping the world…

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Women today are shaping our world in more ways than ever imagined…

Having three daughters that had to persevere and work harder then most, l saw in them a determination that most men would never have and could not accomplish the things that they were able to do this far in their journey. In today’s world l have noticed that women still are shafted, but the environment is getting much better and the openings for women to succeed are there for the taking.

In my humble opinion women today are doing great things…

Education creates a pathway to success for women to achieve success by overcoming challenges of inequality, injustice, and discrimination. In a world vastly expanding the use of technology in classrooms, and especially its role in education during COVID-19, all sectors investing in education must commit to advancing policies and services that recognize the importance of ensuring equality. Nuances are some of the tools that women have taken advantage of and are using to better their professional lives. Through education and other forms of social media, the opportunities have become enlarged for women to take advantage of the new and old opportunities that were once only available to men.

To access and acquire the power needed for legislative change; women must support one another and work together in places like government and other institutions of policymakers. Beyond this collective front in seeking legislative change, women political leaders must also work to streamline gender justice initiatives across all national institutions to promote the normalization of equality for women and remove discriminatory policies.
Women represent 50% of the electorate, but they are not electing enough female leaders to represent them.

These stats are so much in favor of female demographics and should be taken advantage of when placing more women into office. The importance of this area is crucial in making sure that the balance for opportunity continues to stay fair and equitable. Women are taking their rightful positions when it comes to representation and making sure that their rights are well represented. The political process for women should continue to be used for the advancement of the cause, and have a female perspective regardless of what the issues are speaking being spoken about. Some countries still suppress women in political office; however, the times are changing and most countries have female political input.

Changing social norms is crucial to advancing equality. Education, healthcare, social protection, and gender inequalities are the most consequential areas of social policies women leaders must seek to improve to advance equality among men and women, economic classes, and the social well-being of citizens. The COVID-19 pandemic is offering the world the opportunity to reflect on what can be improved in the lives of future generations. Now is the time for women leaders to challenge norms established in these areas, seeking change to benefit all of society?

On a personal working with a female perspective and getting feedback on something, I consult women on most occasions. A female perspective has served me well professionally. I find that women have a clearer feedback and support for my needs and l take their advice seriously. On some occasions, l have not agreed with a female perspective, but it has been very welcomed and taken under consideration.

Female leaders have thrived during this tumultuous time, with statistics showing that women-led countries have navigated the COVID-19 pandemic more successfully than comparable male counterparts have. The historic election of Kamala Harris as America’s first Black and first women vice president shattered barriers that have historically kept men entrenched at the highest levels of U.S. politics. Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman unveiled a plan to increase representation of women and underserved minorities on the boards of Nasdaq-listed companies. Jane Fraser was named the new CEO of Citigroup, making her the first woman to run a major U.S. bank. Women are every bit as capable of being good political leaders as men. The same can be said of their ability to dominate the corporate boardroom. Most folks that l know have indicated to me that women indistinguishable from men on key leadership traits such as intelligence and capacity for innovation, with many saying they’re stronger than men in terms of being compassionate and organized leaders. Many of the undervalued traits that women have possessed and for years were not able to contribute are now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The female movement has arrived and there is no turning back, the sky is the limited and there is no going back.

Social media has also been a big friend to this movement and continues to highlight the positive that the female movement is here to stay. Social media and its awareness of women and their positions cannot be refuted. The pipeline for female leaders seems to be widening. Women have made significant gains in educational attainment in recent decades, better positioning themselves of only for career success but also for leadership positions.

Women today are also more likely than men to continue their educational endeavors are are. The inroads made by women into managerial positions and professional fields in recent years is on the way up, but their impact and perspective are unmeasurable.
There is no turning back.

Vince Nigro/MS

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