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A very special women in my life…

Women have had a significant impact on my life and l would like to share with you an insight of someone that has had a significant influence in my life and on many others. She is someone that l saw grow into a mature, caring and extraordinary person that took all her abilities, faith and knowledge and became a Nurse Practitioner. She is someone that never gave up through some very difficult times and managed to juggle many issues that life threw at her and managed to be a successful person in more ways than one.

Let me explain….

The journey began at the age of eight when l noticed in her a caring for humanity and the way she treated people with respect, care, love and compassion. I noticed early on in life that she had that something…. you can call it karma, intuition, talent or just maybe she had a God given gift to be with humanity and all that it brings. Even at that early age l saw something in her that made me realize that she was special. I know that you can say that about all children if you look hard enough, but this young lady just had it. She had the ability at an early age to lighten up a room or have someone take notice of her early maturity and charm.

A very special women  in my life-
Elisa Nigro. Crédito: Direitos reservados

In her early teens like many teenagers this was a transition time for her, but she managed to stay focused on her personal goals and during these times l believe is when a light bulb lite up and she decided to get into a career that helped people, in particularly children. She had this bond to children throughout her early years that was magical to see and experience. Her ability to communicate with children was very special. This young lady decided to go into the health care field and specialize in caring for children and their mental and physical needs.

She became a nurse at The Hospital for Sick Children and dedicated her early years as a nurse in the neurology and pain clinical areas, but that wasn’t enough, she continued to work as a daily nurse and continued her education to become a Nurse Practitioner. Her tireless nights and stressful work schedule made for this part of her life to very challenging and difficult. But she persisted where many people would give up and accept what they have in front of them. This was not good enough for her, so she pushed until it got done. 

Starting this new journey as a Nurse Practitioner in the Acute Pain Services area was just a step in her journey within the health care field when one of her colleagues saw her commitment, passion and hard work that she recommended this person for an award called the DAISY Award. Let me quote what this person said in nominating her for this most prestigious award.

“Elisa joined the Acute Pain Service area as a Nurse Practitioner. Upon first meeting her it was evident she was someone truly special. Over the last year l have witnessed Elisa go out of her way to advocate for some of the most vulnerable families on our service. She tirelessly championed a new device that will allow children to be discharged home sooner, with better pain control than ever before. She accomplished this with professionalism, patience and incredible perseverance, all while facing the challenges of COVID 19. But what has most struck me is her unwavering advocacy, accomplished with such care, patience and compassion, to meet the individual needs of patients and their families. A most recent example saw her reaching out to community rehabilitation facilities, pharmacies and caregivers, long after her workday had ended. She communicated with the child and family at every step in the process in a way that made them truly feel heard. At a time when the child and family truly felt no options remained, Elisa gave them hope. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this award. As an advanced practice nurse with over 20 years’ experience l have been humbled by Elisa’s compassion, commitment to family-centred care and reminded of the true essence of nursing.”

This quote capsulizes and frames what this person is all about and l couldn’t have put it any better….

If you want to know more about the Daisy Award and read up further on Elisa, you can visit the sick kids web site at www.sickkids.ca .   

Today, Elisa in her young career has moved on to work with children in the Therapeutic for Rare Neurological Disorders and is enjoying this stage of her career at Sick Kids Hospital. 

This young lady has changed my life and l have been blessed to have her in my life where l am so proud not only of her professional accomplishment, but she is just a wonderful loving person and l am so proud to call her my daughter. 

I would be remised not to mention a few other women that have been very important in my life and especially this week it being women’s week. My mother Elisa, my mother-in-law Vincenza, my wife Teresa and my daughters Laura and Daniela…you have all played significant roles in my life.

To all women, you can count on my unconditional support.

Vincent Black/MS

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