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Who is really calling the shots?


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For the last couple of years we have been trying to keep our heads above water. Our morality, along with our mental state has impacted and dictated how our lives have been subjected to change. Just trying to survive under all the restrictions and rules has forced us to let our eye off the ball because of circumstances beyond our control. Much of what controls our lives has been put aside, and survival has been the name of the game.

During times of crisis , the question one must ask, is who is calling the shots?

The narrative seems to be working together to have continuous control over much of what we do and how we do it. When you peel back on some sectors, you will find that the same people, directly or indirectly control the flow of information. The media is the main culprit when it comes to setting the trends and how information or propaganda is sent out to the common folk. The media and its owners, often government-controlled entities, and in some instances people like George Soros and Jeff Bezos continue to control the messaging and the narrative that they want us to see and hear. The proper phrase for this is media manipulation, where these few individuals control the media and set the agenda for what we need to be made aware of and in most cases it’s to their benefit.

The impact of public relations cannot be underestimated. In the commercial world, marketing and advertising are typically needed to make people aware of products. There are many issues in that area alone which is looked at in media terms and sold as marketing, but in reality, benefits a few. When it comes to propaganda for purposes of war, for example, professional public relations firms can often be involved to help sell a war. In cases where a war is questionable, the PR firms are indirectly contributing to the eventual and therefore unavoidable casualties. Media management may also be used to promote certain political policies and ideologies. Where this is problematic for the citizenry is when media reports on various issues do not attribute their sources properly.

The other coin phrase that was made popular by a former president is “fake news” and what it really means. There have been many accounts in the mainstream media about fake news whereby organizations and journalists working for public relations firms or a government departments have produced news reports. The problem arises where these reports are either presented as factual news by journalists or have been rebroadcast by news stations without revealing that the segment is from an organization or the government, thus giving it the appearance of genuine news. It is so easy to put out fake narratives along with pictures that when shown in the wrong angle or in the improper context, the final consensuses are fake and does not truly represent what has occurred.

This is a billion-dollar sub-industry of the P.R. industry and media outlets that has been going on for some time. There is so much money to be made or saved, if you will, by replacing real news on TV with fake news, that this will continue to be a widespread problem unless there’s a mobilization of outraged news viewers for better standards, because TV news directors and producers are not going to want to give this up. In many cases we are talking billions of dollars here in producing these and in airing them instead of going out and producing real news.

Financial institutions and the stock market/ crypto markets in many forms are being also controlled in many fashions. The possible elimination of paper money is something that may not exist in several years and that is because the formation of money being exchanged electronically is the future way that transactions will happen. The main reason for electronic exchange is a way in which everything can be tracked and accounted for. This form of currency again will be in the hands of a few people that will manipulate the system to work in their favor.
Trying to get paper money out of the market stops much of the underground economy and puts you square on the loreals of the amazons and other big tech.

A one world system with an electronic financial economy?

It seems to me that we are moving forward within a one world system with an electronic economy that will be controlled by a few and those folks all overlap each other in most of these sectors. Media and the financial institutions seem to be one in each other and the overlaps between these two sectors is overwhelming. Many of the board members that sit on the banking and financial markets also have direct or indirect relationships with most if not all the media outlets. It is very important for the media to drive the narrative especially the financial messaging with its tightening of the purse strings.

Big Pharma is the other sector that is controlled by the same individuals and the creation of the pandemic/COVID-19 has worked to their advantage. Having vaccines and other associated drugs to deal with these viruses have made a lot of people very wealthy. The causes and treatment of these sickness again all point back to the same wealthy folks that have control of the narrative through the media. Keeping the global population in some form of a sick state both physically and mentally continues to work in favor of the rich and powerful. Having control of the media and the social platforms is one major way in which the narrative is rolled out and controls are instilled in the general public. Multinational pharmaceutical companies grew big through producing and promoting innovative medicines for major diseases. But it becomes ever more difficult and expensive to repeat such successes.

For me the final pillar in this cabal is government and how its manipulated through the elitists and financial contributions to these politicians that have become puppets for their masters.

Again, if you peel back and observe who is contributing to these politicians and their parties, it’s the same folks that control the media, big business and big pharma.

Vince Nigro/MS

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