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Over the last few weeks, I’ve had little trouble coming up with something to say on the subjects the paper has decided to reflect upon, until today. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m left speechless over humanity’s propensity for conflict, destruction and narcissism. Over the last couple of years, the peoples of this world have, together, been in a battle for survival against a virus that has proven to be a formidable opponent, (the first time in history, I believe, that we were all forced to work together, albeit with some opposition, in order to defend ourselves). Most of the world’s population suffered setbacks to their lives. We were forced to reflect on those things that were really important to us and to take stock of what we had done and what we would be doing in the future. But then…

Just as we were beginning to see that light in the distance, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin decides to invade the Ukraine. It’s a defensive act, he says. Leading up to this atrocity, was the usual song and dance between other “world powers”, either crying foul over the goings on, or choosing to stay on the fence. Finger-wagging and threats. I’m right, you’re wrong. Nobody knows the exact truth, or even if there is one. Each side blaming the other, the same game our governments play with each other, that eats up all the time that should be available to actually get things done. These people aren’t interested in the truth because it’s all about posturing and looking good on TV and other mediums. It reminds me of when Trump was accused of being a racist, his immediate response was that he was the least racist person in the world. They’re all innocent.

As always, those that hold no power, (us), end up paying the price. Familiar? Yes. I’ve said it before, but it needs to be reiterated, it’s wrong. The images of fathers sending their families to other countries, hoping to keep them safe. Sons and daughters in tears, because their dad is staying behind to fight for his country. They don’t understand and rightly so. The common folk are always used to fight the battles of the powerful. In return, we get to rebuild our lives in the aftermath, start over. They, on the other hand, revel in the fact that their shares have increased in value, along with everything else that they sell to us, especially those things that are essential. And us? Well, we get to be relieved when they decide to back down, come to an agreement at some summit. What the heck are they discussing that hasn’t been discussed before? How do you invade a country, kill innocent people, destroy homes and then agree to “talks” a few days later?

In the meantime, we “do our share” by painting Ukranian flags on our face so people could see how much we care. We create Putin memes, ban Russian sports from world competitions. That’ll show him. All of a sudden, you look differently at your Russian neighbour, as if he, or she, has anything to do with the situation. I truly believe that most people have the best of intentions when jumping on the bandwagon, but let’s not be so na ve, we’re getting played and we all know it. Let’s not forget what is happening, or what has happened in the past. We can’t just keep sitting back watching things happen on CNN. What we see happening to these people is happening to all of us and will keep happening. Let’s not be relieved when this current situation is over.

Let us also remember, as we show solidarity with our Ukranian brothers and sisters, that there are flags of other peoples that we can also drape across our Facebook cover page.
Fiquem bem.

Raúl Freitas/MS

Raul Freitas/MS

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