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Art is Discovery

This past year I realized that art is how we see things.  For some people art needs to be beautifully done with extreme detail to portray realism, for others art qualifies as the notion of being different.  In my opinion, art is everywhere and it’s all about our own individual perception and the need for discovery to enrich our souls.

This thought brought me to develop my own artistic talents.  As I found out, I only knew of a few that satisfied me such as music, design, illustration, dance, photography and videography.  Since I was young, my parents were the foundation of a lively artistic life.  From stage to media appearances and recording music studios, I seemed to be impervious to what that meant to my future. At the time, that wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.

Life always brings us surprises: in July my life changed, from working for my own business as a Creative Director for 20 years to joining a highly talented team at the MDC Media Group as their Artistic Director.  That was the start of many exciting new projects, one of the fun ones includes cartooning for the Milénio Stadium!  I was always interested in pen art and I felt the most comfortable with it.  With experience in urban sketching and a bit of humour, cartoons were born naturally.  Besides painting collections for solo and collective exhibitions, illustrating and cartooning brought my artistic creativity to a new level and it felt right.

With the launch of Camões TV 24/7 in September, new graphics and screen designs were created, which I loved doing because it was out of the regular graphic design print media I was used to.  I must say that the most interesting project that I was given the opportunity to work on is to produce my own weekly TV show called “Stella’s Studio”.  Now on its 16th episode, this half-hour show is all about art and that includes music too! I interview guests in all artistic disciplines and learn about their projects.  The show is an artistic production on its own with a creative flair where I can apply all my talent now for TV.

I finally found a place where I can unleash my artistic knowledge. I am grateful for this opportunity to share and promote the arts and culture. My wish for 2020 is to inspire you to reach inside and discover yourself.  Doing something that you love will bring you happiness and wellbeing! This is how I see art.

Stella Jurgen

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