Ontario proposes three new transit-oriented communities along Ontario Line

Ontario proposes three new transit-ontario-mileniostadium
A draft concept of the proposed Queen-Spadina Station development site was released by the Ontario government June 15. Credits: INFRASTRUCTURE ONTARIO

The Ontario government has announced a proposal to develop three more stations along the Ontario Line subway route in Toronto as transit-oriented developments.

The mixed-use developments are planned for the Exhibition, King-Bathurst and Queen-Spadina transit stations, stated a June 15 release. The government previously identified the Corktown and East Harbour stations for transit-oriented developments.

The proposal would develop Exhibition Station as a transit hub with new housing, office and retail space. Transit riders will be able to make connections to GO Transit and other TTC lines. The Exhibition Station site would have three separate transit-oriented development sites, at Jefferson Avenue, Atlantic Avenue and Dufferin Street.

The Queen-Spadina station features housing and retail space, and the King-Bathurst station would also add more housing and office space while retaining heritage buildings.

A statement from Associate Minister of Transportation (GTA) Kinga Surma said the program to introduce “live-work-play” would bring more jobs and housing closer to transit, helping to increase ridership, reduce congestion, stimulate economic growth and reduce the cost of building infrastructure for taxpayers.

The development proposals were recently presented to the City of Toronto for review. Public review is targeted for next winter.

The proposals are being led by Infrastructure Ontario through the province’s Transit-Oriented Communities Program.

“Our government is taking a bold, new approach to city building by funding, planning and delivering historic transit projects while also rolling out our innovative transit-oriented communities program,” said Surma. “Our plan is about more than just expanding public transit. It is about changing our way of life for the better. People want to live near transit, so it only makes sense to integrate housing options, retail and community amenities as part of the smart transit planning process.”


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