Annamie Paul officially quits as Green leader, will end membership in party

Annamie Paul officially quits as Green leader, will end membership in party-Milenio Stadium-Canada
Annamie Paul says she is no longer the leader of the Green Party of Canada. (Sam Nar/CBC)

Annamie Paul has formally resigned as leader of the Green Party of Canada and says she will also end her membership in the party.

“It was an honour to work for the people of Canada and I look forward to serving in new ways,” she said today in a social media post.

Paul announced on Sept. 27 that she would be stepping down as Green Party leader after a poor showing in the summer federal election. She was facing a leadership review.

“I just asked myself whether this is something I wanted to continue, whether I was willing to put up with the attacks I knew would be coming, whether to continue to fight and struggle just to fulfil my democratically elected role as leader of this party,” Paul told reporters in Toronto at the time. “I just don’t have the heart for it.”

Paul’s departure was delayed because her lawyer was negotiating with party lawyers to settle a legal conflict, sources told CBC News last month.

Paul was chosen to lead the party last October.


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