TTC settles lawsuit after black man pinned by inspectors to ground

Toronto’s transit authority has apologized to a black man who sued the agency after he was pinned to the ground and forcibly detained by fare inspectors last year.

Reece Maxwell-Crawford says a lawsuit he filed against the Toronto Transit Commission has been settled and he’s happy the agency is taking steps to fight discrimination.

Commission CEO Rick Leary pledged the agency would “do better” as he apologized to Maxwell-Crawford on Thursday and vowed to adopt recommendations made by Toronto’s ombudsman.

Ombudsman Susan Opler released a report on the incident in July, saying the TTC’s own investigation fell short in several ways.

Opler said the TTC failed to analyze evidence that would suggest whether racism — conscious or unconscious — was a factor the inspectors’ actions.

She made a series of recommendations to improve the TTC’s approach to discrimination, including a call to ensure that all investigations are independent and impartial.

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