Tory hosting GTA police chiefs, mayors for talks on gun violence

Mayor John Tory is hosting a meeting Tuesday morning with counterparts and police chiefs from across the Greater Toronto Area to discuss the ongoing problem of gun violence in the region.

The meeting at city hall will also include regional chairs from around the GTA and representatives from both the provincial and federal governments.

“Mayor Tory called the meeting to discuss the unacceptable increase in incidents of gun violence we have seen in the GTA and what all governments can do to ensure more collaborative and coordinated efforts to tackle gun and gang violence,” a statement from city hall said.

Tory has pushed for a handgun ban in Toronto, saying that any steps that could reduce violence in the city should be seriously considered.

City council debated a ban last June, but such a move would require support from both Ottawa and the provincial government. which has signalled it would not back a local handgun prohibition.


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