Ryerson University terminates agreement with students’ union

Ryerson University announced Friday it has terminated its operating agreement with its students’ union, leaving one of Canada’s largest universities without a student government.

“Effective immediately, the university no longer recognizes the [Ryerson Students’ Union] as the official student government representing Ryerson students,” Vice-Provost of  Students Jen McMillen said in a statement.

“The university has lost confidence in the RSU’s ability to represent students with good governance and to supply the services that students pay for.”

The move comes days after the the RSU asked Toronto police to investigate alleged financial mismanagement by former union heads.

The scandal first emerged last January when an RSU credit card bill with approximately $250,000 in questionable spending was revealed by The Eyeopener, Ryerson’s student newspaper.

McMillen said the issues surrounding the union’s management of its internal affairs amount to a breach of its agreement with the university, which has existed since 1986.

“The university gave the RSU ample time to rectify the situation, but the RSU has failed to do so. Accordingly, the university has terminated the 1986 Agreement,” she said.


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