Funeral to be held next month for toddler swept into Grand River

A funeral will be held early next month for a toddler who was swept into the Grand River near Orangeville in February.

Police confirmed earlier this week that a body found in the river near the village of Belwood last weekend has been identified as three-year-old Kaden Young.

The young boy was with his mother in the early morning hours of Feb. 21 when the minivan she was driving went into the water in an area west of Orangeville.

Heavy rain and fog made for poor driving conditions at the time, police previously said.

According to investigators, the boy slipped from his mother’s arms as they escaped from the vehicle and he was swept away by a fast-moving current

Police, firefighters, and dozens of volunteers spent months searching for the child and on Saturday, police confirmed that a body has been found by a fisherman in the river.

In a Facebook post published last weekend, the boy’s mother, Michelle Hanson, confirmed that her son’s body had been recovered.

“It has been a long extremely draining two months of searching and now has finally come to an end,” Hanson said.

“The amount of support was absolutely incredible and we really can’t thank everyone enough.”

In another social media post Tuesday, Hanson said that a public funeral will be held for the toddler on May 5 in the Town of Mono.

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