Marijuana… Its’s really incredible when you think about it….

In the span of just a couple years, marijuana has gone from a taboo topic most people only whispered about to a multi-billion-dollar mega trend that the financial media and main street media can’t stop talking about.
So, it’s little wonder that, day after day, more Canadians are trying to find the very best way to profit off marijuana and how it will be integrated into our everyday lives.
Deloitte recently estimated that the exploding marijuana industry could be worth as much as $22.6 Billion…. Saying that, has the Canadian Government really thought through the legalization of marijuana in Canada that becomes legal on July1, 2018.
On the one hand our regulators have been weening us off of cigarettes and now getting us hook on weed.
Yes…research shows that there are credible areas within our society that weed can be a benefit to some health issues, but what is the long term effect on our society as a whole and especially to our youth.
Here are just a few of the short-term effects – Short-term memory problems, severe anxiety, panic and hallucinations.
The long-term effects are even more staggering – Decline in IQ, poor school performance, ddictionand financial difficulties.
Will this be a new prohibition era with people growing their own weed and how will the government regulate it….
Are we going to have weed police….
The research is very clear, the risk factors far out weight any small benefit on the upside….

By Vincent Black

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