The Cheltenham Badlands near Toronto just reopened for the season

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Now that Spring is in full swing, The Cheltenham Badlands have finally reopened for the season.

The popular stunning geological attraction near Toronto is open and ready for the public to explore.

It’s important to note that the Cheltenham Badlands are at risk of erosion due to visitors, so conservation work was done to help preserve the site all while upgrading surrounding trails.

Explore the one-kilometer trail that takes you across a boardwalk and to a viewing platform that overlooks the Mars-like site, which eventually leads through the forest.

If you do want to visit the red rocks, there are rules to be followed, and guests must complete an online reservation system in order to gain entrance into specific areas of the park.

Visitors can make a reservation two weeks in advance of the reservation date.

Your reservation includes a parking space, 90 minutes to explore the site, and access to Terra Cotta and Island Lake Conservation Areas, depending on capacity.

It’s good to note that when weather conditions are wet and slippery, the Badlands Trail to the boardwalk will be closed but the boardwalk is still accessible via the sidewalk.

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