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Red on Red – Conspiracy or reality…


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Call me a conspiracy theorist, call me crazy, call whatever you think, but l believe that this problem in the Ukraine is there because of the Russia-China connection. The two guys heading up these two nations are both working on leaving a legacy for the history books. Putin and Xi Jinping are doing this to create a one nation world and they want to be credited with the change that will be coming. Moscow’s aggression toward Kyiv prompted the U.S. and its Western allies to respond with severe sanctions and the deployment of Western forces to the NATO-member nations that surround Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Worldwide critics of the Biden administration have claimed the inability to deter a Russian invasion will embolden China to act more aggressively toward Taiwan—China could interpret increased military involvement in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict as opportune timing. They would calculate that the United States is unlikely to go to war with Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan at the same time. The more involved the United States gets in the Ukraine crisis from a military perspective, the more it incentivizes China to act now on its enemies.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Putin have expressed nostalgic desires to rebuild previous empires that were broken up during the 20th century – but experts argue this is where the parallel between the Russian-Ukraine conflict and Beijing’s desire for dominance over Taiwan ends. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has long sought to reunify Taiwan, officially known as the Republic of China (ROC), with mainland China, but this goal has been met with opposition from Western nations like the U.S., the U.K. and Australia.

These two leaders Jinping and Putin stood side by side during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics last month. Their joint appearance delivered not only the most forthright display of Sino-Russian unity in decades, but also what observers saw as the clearest signal yet that the two are intent on shaping a new world order – one in which America’s postwar global dominance is in retreat and autocratic regimes can thrive in the space left behind.

The global populations see this as a post-Trump world where the Americans pulled out of Afghanistan in disarray, they don’t seem to be able to deter the Russians and they can’t even manage COVID….looks like the East is rising and the West is declining. With democracy backsliding, the resolve of Russia and China has been particularly strengthened by the perceived U.S. retreat from the global stage and the erosion of its own values at home. This has created a void, in the eyes of some in Beijing and Moscow, into which the two countries are only too happy to step in on the globe.

Since at least 2008, government officials and intellectual elites in China and Russia have been predicting or advocating the end of America’s postwar dominance. It seems that a trend has emerged towards redistribution of power in the world.

The rise of the East and decline of the West has become a common refrain for Xi and his officials and not without evidence. China is projected to become the world’s largest economy this decade and is building the equivalent of the French navy every four years. The same cannot be said for Russia, which, though punching above its weight thanks to its large gas reserves and nuclear arsenal, is still a midsize economic power whose gross domestic product is smaller than that of Italy. But China now has a powerful partner supporting several of its demands, including effectively barring Ukraine from ever joining NATO.

Beijing is also Moscow’s largest trading partner, with nearly $150 billion of imports and exports last year…
I think that the Ukrainian crisis bears with it the features of a new world order, and a sharp global division that the world is currently witnessing, between the United States of America and its allies, China and Russia. From this perspective it smells like a takeover and it looks like a takeover. These two powers have been working together for a while and the weak Biden administration has prompted these two global powerhouses to take advantage of the situation, and they have. Where it goes from here is still to be seen, but the wheels are in motion for change.
If history has taught us anything, it is that these changes don’t happen by accident… in the past, pandemics, war and famine have been the common theme, and this one has all the characteristics of history repeating itself. We are starting to see crazy rising gas prices, less food on the shelves and many of the things we need seem to be getting harder to come by. Our food chain and production pipelines are drying up and the cost factors associated with these items are becoming very untouchable. These trends are not by accident, they are in my humble opinion a move towards a new world order.

Chinese officials have said their relations with Russia continue to deepen despite the international backlash regarding Moscow’s military moves against Ukraine. However, China has dismissed speculation that they had endorsed the Kremlin’s plan to attack Ukraine. During the Olympics, both China and Russia fortified their nations comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for the new era. The timing of the two events and the unprecedented closeness of the ties between China and Russia have prompted speculation as to whether Putin may have informed Xi of his plans ahead of the time and that his Chinese counterpart might have even signed off on the move.

We may not want to believe what’s happening in the world—these two nations are here to take over, just like COVID… conspiracy or reality.
Red on Red…….

Vince Nigro/MS

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