Ted Rogers among 6 new additions to Canada’s Walk of Fame

Six more names will be added to Canada’s Walk of Fame next month.

Two-time Olympic gold medallist and three-time world champion Donovan Bailey is among those who will be inducted at an annual awards gala in Toronto on Nov. 15.

Actress Anna Paquin, the youngest Canadian to win an Academy Award, will also receive a star, as will science broadcaster and environmental activist David Suzuki.

Several people are receiving posthumous honours, including Viola Desmond, the civil rights pioneer whose face will grace the new $10 bill, and Ted Rogers, the late president and CEO of Rogers Communications Inc.

Rogers is the first ever recipient of a star in the Business & Entrepreneurship category. The company’s current CEO, Joe Natale, said the award is a huge honour and a fitting tribute to Rogers’ accomplishments.

“Ted was a visionary who truly embodied the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. He started our company with an $85,000 loan and turned it into the media and communications powerhouse it is today,” Natale said in a statement.

“He believed passionately in the power of technology to educate, entertain and improve the lives of Canadians. And it is this incredible legacy that we build on each and every day.”

Canadian folk icon Stompin’ Tom Connors, who died in 2013, will also be inducted into the Walk of Fame.

This year’s additions bring the number of inductees to 173.

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