National outage of passport kiosks causes major delays at Pearson

Getting through international customs at Toronto’s Pearson airport Sunday might have taken you a little longer than usual.

A nationwide outage affecting the primary inspection kiosks and NEXUS of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) caused serious delays for passengers arriving on international flights.

 Those issues have since been resolved.

“Throughout the outage, CBSA management and airport or bridge authorities worked collaboratively to facilitate arriving passenger flows and border clearances until the outage was resolved,” CBSA media relations manager Ashley Lemire told CBC Toronto in a statement.

Many airline passengers traveling through Toronto’s Pearson airport Sunday took to Twitter to express frustration over the delays.

‘It was a nightmare’

Passenger Kowlasar Misir, who arrived to Toronto early Sunday evening from Minneapolis, said he waited in lines for three hours before he was able to get through customs.

“There was not a single announcement. No one came around to tell you anything. There was no one on the ground to manage and coordinate,” he said. “It was chaotic.”

Misir said the people around him were patient, but clearly getting frustrated.

“At a minimum, they should be handing out some bottles of water because it’s children, babies, old people … you were there for a long time,” he said.

‘It was a nightmare.”

Delays in Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal

A number of airports across Canada took to Twitter to warn travellers about similar issues earlier Sunday, including Ottawa, Calgary, Montreal and Vancouver.

Tweets from the airports thanked passengers for their patience.

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