‘So Much Hope, So little Results’

Prime Minister António Costa visits Toronto today
‘So Much Hope, So little Results’

Back in 2003 during the Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Official Portuguese Immigration to Canada, the then Prime Minister Durão Barrosso disappointed thousands of Portuguese Canadians by not recognizing the Toronto community.

Yes, he was in Ottawa for a Gala the previous night, but the SARS Epidemic in Markham frightened him, which led to a last-minute cancellation of the Toronto visit, devastating what should have been a milestone event and creating a major financial blow to the Portugal Week festivities that crippled the organization for many years.
Fast-forward to 2018, and a community that deserved consideration on a visit that has been so long in waiting. A community with so many questions, least of which the thousands of undocumented workers, who have been promised so much by so many elected officials but in the end have been left with no results or solutions.

Who’s to blame for the catastrophic mess of the visit? Is it the self-appointed “MP of the Portuguese Community” Julie Dzerowicz, who sent out a most inappropriate email asking for 400 names to a luncheon that only 200 were chosen to attend? Or is it our beloved Consul General Luís Barros, who has been disconnected from the community since the day of his arrival in Toronto?

Unlike Ottawa on Wednesday night where PM Costa visited the “Centro Recreativo Português Lusitânia” and in Montreal tomorrow where a visit to “Escola Comunitária Missão Santa Cruz” is being organized, amongst other community participation – in Toronto we got NADA.

As the largest Portuguese community in Canada, we deserved better and we should be appalled by their ‘lack of respect’. But am I surprised? NO, not at all. This visit only confirmed one thing to the thousands who volunteer annually to keep our vibrant cultural identity alive – that the politicians / bureaucrats that self-promote on the back of our work, during the annual Portugal Day Parade, are all self-serving and pompous.

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