Police investigating sex assault allegations against RCMP doctor in Toronto

Toronto police say they are investigating allegations against a second doctor in connection with the reported sexual assaults from RCMP recruits during their intake medical examinations.

Toronto police say they’re investigating several complaints made against a former RCMP doctor dating back to the 1980s and 90s.

A memo penned by a top RCMP HR officer that was obtained by CTV News says “new allegations of sexual assault during recruitment medical examinations have arisen regarding the conduct of a different doctor in (Ontario).

“The assaults are alleged to have taken place in the mid-1980s and 1990s,” Assistant Commissioner Stephen White wrote in the memo.

Last week, complainants in Halifax started coming forward with sexual assault allegations against an RCMP doctor in Nova Scotia.

Halifax Regional Police said they have received more than 20 complaints, dating between 1981 and 2003.

The accused doctor in those instances is now retired, police said.

No charges have been laid in either instance and neither accused doctor has been identified.

“While it is very upsetting to hear of more victims, these disclosures are a necessary and positive step in building a better organization and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. We can expect that other victims will come forward and when this happens, we need to support them and address the allegations.” White wrote.

The RCMP said it is urging anyone with allegations to contact the Toronto police sex crimes unit.

RCMP “O” Division, which oversees operations in Ontario, said Wednesday that they are aware of the allegations.

“We have been made aware of allegations of sexual assault concerning a Doctor who used to practice in O Division. We have notified the police of jurisdiction, Toronto Police Service, and are encouraging any other victims to come forward. Support is available to employees who need it,” spokesperson Louise Savard saidin an email to CTV News Toronto.

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