Apple Watch likely saved Calgary woman from man who had bag of rape tools

When he broke into his victim’s Calgary apartment, John Joseph Macindoe had everything he needed to drug, hog-tie and rape the woman he’d become so obsessed with, he kept a Ziploc bag of her hair.

Macindoe had a rape bag. Embroidered on the side of the bag were the words “Time to Go” and inside the kit were: a balaclava, buck knife, pliers, zip ties, condoms, lubricant, Benadryl, a ball gag, bondage straps and pink animal-print duct tape.

The victim’s Apple Watch likely saved her from that fate.

Macindoe planned the rape for weeks if not months. He had a clone of her building’s access card and a copy of her key made.

On Tuesday, Macindoe pleaded guilty to break and enter with intent to sexually assault his victim, a woman whose identity is protected by a publication ban. CBC News will call her Anna.

The agreed statement of facts tells the story of Anna’s terrifying experience on April 1, 2019.

CCTV footage from Anna’s building shows Macindoe had been to her apartment seven times in March.

On April 1, 2019, Anna came home from work and fell asleep on her sofa under two blankets with her phone plugged in beside her. She was wearing only underwear.

About 90 minutes later, she woke up to her dogs barking. Anna could see a dark figure moving around her condo.

She tried to look around without moving her head and noticed her phone was gone. Anna realized she was wearing an Apple Watch and managed to text her boyfriend who called 911.

She told police “I literally thought I was going to die.”

Condo blueprint

Macindoe hovered around her and at one point tried to touch her feet but she pretended to shift in her sleep.

Finally, police arrived and pounded at the apartment door. Macindoe fled to the kitchen and Anna bolted to the door sobbing and screaming.

Police found Macindoe in the kitchen with his rape bag.

When investigators searched his apartment, they found three pairs of Anna’s underwear, some of her hair in a ziplock bag and a blueprint for her condo building with her apartment circled.

The screensaver on Macindoe’s computer was a photo of Anna.

Macindoe and the woman were known to each other, but they were not involved in any sort of relationship.

He is in custody.

Provincial court Judge Margaret Keelaghan will hear sentencing arguments from prosecutor Rosalind Greenwood and defence lawyer Rebecca Snukal at a later date.

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