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Disney’s new animated musical is about the Star its heroes are always wishing upon

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Wish is Disney’s newest animated movie, which will dive into the origin of one of the studio’s most iconic characters — the magical wishing star.

Just kidding — kinda. The movie definitely draws inspiration from the whole “wish upon a star” motif that crosses over multiple films. It takes place in a kingdom where a young heroine named Asha wishes on a star asking for guidance. And lo and behold, much like in Neil Gaiman’s Stardust, a star (named Star) tumbles down to the kingdom of Rosas in order to help Asha out.

Wish will be done in a new style that appears to combine elements of watercolor with 3D animation. It will be a musical, with songs by Julia Michaels. Asha will be voiced by Ariana DeBose, who played Anita in the 2021 West Side Story, while Disney veteran Alan Tudyk — known for voicing a plethora of animal sidekicks like Moana’s Hei-Hei and Raya and the Last Dragon’s Tuk Tuk — will continue his legacy as a goat named Valentino. And apparently, the movie will have a lot of Disney Easter eggs, if that’s your thing.

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