Luso Life Beat – Concert Series – Is Coming!

This coming week, Luso Life Beat gets set to begin its presentation of the search it has conducted in bringing you the next Luso star at the Mod Club on February 12 and 13, followed by the conclusion two weeks later on February 26 and 27.

The search based on any contestant with any Luso background be it Portuguese, Brazilian, Goan, Angolan, Macanese, etc., brought about various acts showcasing not only their vocal talents, but most importantly their music. The original music component is a vital element to the competition as the lucky winner will be given $5000 as well as a recording contract with MDC Music. Auditions ran from November until January, setting up for a diverse and wide scope of talent from which to draw from. Everything from Samba, Rock, R&B, Pop, Jazz, Adult Contemporary and Rap was on full display during the auditions in the pursuit for the next artist to be touted as a potential Luso star.

The reason for the search and endeavor to bring out into the public an artist with a Portuguese background was based around the fact that our community is very much alive and vibrant, teeming with talented musicians who may not have the means to get heard the way they deserve to be heard, or may not have the proper avenues in place to try to make a career out of music. This is where Manuel DaCosta put into motion his desire to help those voices be heard, supported and represent our community in showing that we are more, that we have much to show artistically and stand shoulder to shoulder with all cultures locally and around the world. The plan was to start with our very own community with the aptly titled “Luso Life Beat,” then allow for the same provisions for an all-inclusive nationality / English show called “New World Beat” which looks to begin immediately following the conclusion of the finals at the Mod Club.

A documentary style production followed each contestant to their home, musical workplace as well as the very auditions in the hopes of having the viewer get a chance to know each individual, their story, their passion and their aspirations in choosing a life of music. The production now shifts to the final phase of having you, the audience be a part of the story with 4 separate shows at the Mod Club which will present 3 contestants a night performing for 15 minutes each, followed by a feature performer to end off the night. The feature performer for Wednesday the 12th and Wednesday the 26th is Peter Serrado, an artist himself with MDC Music, having been so since 2018, having a successful start to his music career.

The four shows, which will also be filmed for the television telecast will have a good mix of bands and solo performers and look to be a good representation of what is going on in our local music community. The doors open at 7pm each day, come and be a part of history!


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