NFL Report – Week 14

NFL week14-us-mileniostadium

The countdown is on four weeks to go. Playoff calibre football has officially started. This is the time where teams will go on fire, sneak into the playoffs and go on a run.

The New York Giants, and this is coming from a long time Patriots fan, are on fire. Winners of four in a row (don’t forget they were 1 – 7 to start the season), in control of the division, and they just burned down Russel Wilson’s kitchen as he was cooking in it, then they took the food he cooked. This once terrible team is now playing lights-out defense. I hope Washington still finds a way to win the division, I enjoy feel-good stories, and they are one, but watch out NFL, the Giants are coming; if the season ended today, they would be playing the Seahawks in the first game of the playoffs. As for those pretend teams who strung a few wins in and a row, and thought they were looking good, now is not the time to take the foot off the gas. Steelers, laid a goose egg, Seahawks, the praise of the sports media world, goose egg, Titans, goose egg. Kansas City barely beat Denver. It’s time to kick it into high gear, like the 45 – 0 wallop the Patriots handed the Chargers. It is clear the jets aren’t going to try anymore; they should be able to go 0 – 16 and land the number one pick. So Seattle should get back in the winner’s seat this week. Did anyone see the last play of the Jets/Raiders game? I said Gruden & the Raiders better win convincingly over the jets, or heads may roll. They won; that’s all I can say, but in what is being touted as the worst play call in NFL history, the Jets gifted the Raiders a win. With five seconds left, down by four, Vegas had the ball at midfield. Only one thing to do, Hail Mary. Any public school defensive coordinator knows you move all your defensive players back into the end zone; that way, the Hail Mary has the smallest probability of working. What do the jets do; they blitz, running all their defenders forward, but one.  Derek Carr got the easiest Hail Mary touchdown pass in history; it’s clear the jets didn’t want to win; they have to get the pick that will make all their woes go away. Trevor Lawrence, you might want to announce you a returning to Clemson because you are in for serious trouble if you get drafted number one this year. The jets need 10 first-round picks to become something that resembles an NFL football team. 

Players of the week

Josh Allen, QB – Buffalo Bills
32/40 375 YDs, 4 TDs, -1 FUM

Aaron Jones, RB – Green Bay Packers
130 YDs RUS, 1 TD, 18 YDS REC

Darren Waller, TE – Las Vegas Raiders
200 YDS REC, 2 TDs In the hot seat?

It should be the New York Jets, 0 – 12, they were winning a game with five seconds to go 28 to 24, with the ball at midfield, they found a way to lose, on the last play. The thing is, at this point, they are a legitimate dumpster fire; everyone knows. It brings me great joy to say this week’s hot seat belongs to the Pittsburgh Steelers, easily the worst 11 – 0 team of all time. So bad their coach called them trash last week. The problem is his motivational words didn’t resonate with the players. They lost to my main man, comeback player of the year, Alex Smith, and the Washington Football Team. It does not get any easier for the Steel town as they must travel to Buffalo this week, where Josh Allen is becoming a very bad man. Pick it up, Pittsburgh, take the loss, use it as motivation, or you will be one and done in January. Here’s hoping!     

Team of the Week

Who would have thought the Cleveland Browns would ever land on this list. First off, who would have ever believed the Browns would be playing meaningful football in December, with just four games to go. Sure enough, sitting with a record of 8 – 3, they had a game against the Tennessee Titans, who were on fire, and 8 – 3 as well. A game of importance for both teams, a potential playoff matchup. The Browns didn’t disappoint 41 – 35 in a game that’s wasn’t as close as the score makes it out to be. The time has come for the Browns to announce with authority that they are the real deal, next up a divisional foe, Baltimore. Huge Game! 

NFL week14-us-mileniostadium

Adam Care/MS

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