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After that abysmal showing last week, can we finally stick a fork in Lamar Jackson winning the MVP? Brady’s MVP campaign took a hit, with Washington beating Tampa as well. But he still did better than Jackson last week. Big-time favorites losing is a theme this season, and it hammers home the point that there is no dominant team.Every single contender for the Superbowl has had good, bad, and ugly games this season. How can we trust the Cowboy’s offense in crunch time or the Bills, for that matter? We Cant! How can the Tampa defense be trusted?It cant!

Look no further than the Los Angeles Rams, In the last two weeks, they have added Hall of Famer to be Von Miller and Odel Beckham Jr. to strengthen their group, and you come out and lose to the 49ers.You have to be kidding me! Of course, any of these teams can make the Superbowl, but it’s going to be a tricky playoff to predict this season, I think. At this very moment in time, it could be argued that the New England Patriots are the team to beat. The Patriots are led by two of the best coaches in history and a rookie QB who has a chip on his shoulder simply because he replaced Brady. The Patriots have won 4 games in a row, maybe 5 by the time you read this as they played last night.Keep in mind two of the Patriot’s losses were against Dallas and Tampa in extremely close games.If those games were this weekend, I would take the Patriots in both.Even the Chiefs have strung together some wins, capped off by their defeat of divisional rival the Las Vegas Raiders last weekend.The Chiefs are now showcased in my game of the week!

Game of the week

Dallas Cowboys (7-2) @ Kansas City (6-4)

This game is the perfect game to elaborate on my point that there is no dominant team.  One can’t pick either of these teams in this game with any level of confidence.  This is a much more important game to the Chiefs from a math perspective, as a loss makes it challenging for them to win the division. That said, the Cowboys, who are famous for losing big games, have already basically won their division. But they need to show up and make a statement.  To me, this is another game where the pretenders will be separated from the contenders!

Players of the week

The Las Vegas Raiders were the medicine that Patrick Mahomes needed to get his Chiefs back on track. Now the question is can they stay there? Mahomes put up monster numbers against a Raiders team that just can’t outrun all the off-field issues. Last week I had the Patriots playing the Browns in the game of the week; I said the loser was done for the year, and the winner had a shot at making the playoffs. A monster running day from relatively unknown Rhamondre Stevenson helped the Patriots slaughter the Cleveland Browns. I didn’t want to give Stefon Diggs recognition for this week as I thought Justin Jefferson’s contribution was more significant at the WR position this week. That said, the Bills have been ailing, and even though they were playing the Jets, a team that a CFL team could beat; Diggs, made some big-time plays that would guarantee the Bills annihilated the Jets, and got back on track.

Patrick Mahomes, QB – Kansas City Chiefs
35/50 C/ATT, 406 YDS, 5 TD’s

Rhamondre Stevenson, RB – New England Patriots
20 CAR, 100 YDS, 2 TD’s

Stefon Diggs, WR – Buffalo Bills
8 REC, 162 YDS, 1 TD

Adam’s NFL week 11 picks. Last Week ATS: (5 – 8) / Season Total ATS: (73 – 66 – 1)

Finally had a real letdown last week with only 5 wins in 13 games. Still sitting at 7 games above .500 for the season.  Hopefully, the ship is righted this week. Three games this week are going off with double-digit spreads, with no real dominant team(s) this year, its crazy how many double-digit spreads there are.  Last week we saw two massive underdogs outright win.  Miami thumped the Ravens, and Washington put the pedal to the metal against the undermanned Buccaneers. Will the teams that should have won last week rebound this week?

Sunday 1:00 pm

Indianapolis Colts @ Buffalo Bills
Buffalo -7.0

Baltimore Ravens @ Chicago Bears
Chicago +5.0

Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings
Minnesota +2.5

New Orleans Saints @ Philadelphia Eagles
New Orleans +1.5

San Francisco 49ers @ Jacksonville Jaguars
Jacksonville +6.0

Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans
Tennessee -10.5

Detroit Lions @ Cleveland Browns
Detroit +11.5

Washington Football Team @ Carolina Panthers
Washington +3.5

Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets
New York +3.5

Sunday – 4:05 PM

Cincinnati Bengals @ Las Vegas Raiders
Las Vegas +1.0

Sunday – 4:25 PM

Dallas Cowboys @ Kansas City Chiefs
Kansas City -2.5

Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks
Arizona -2.5

Sunday – 8:20 PM

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Los Angeles Chargers
Los Angeles -5.5

Monday – 8:15 PM

New York Giants @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tampa Bay -10.5

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