Toronto ‘a little bit safer’ after police collect more than 3,000 guns

Toronto police say they have collected more than 3,000 firearms from city residents over the course of their three-week gun buyback program.

The more than 2,200 long guns and more than 900 handguns will all be destroyed, police officials announced Thursday.

“I really feel that our homes and neighbourhoods are a little bit safer with 3,100 operational firearms removed from our homes,” said Toronto Police Insp. Chris Boddy.

The buyback program began April 26 and ended May 17. Police announced in May that they had so far collected 2,700 unwanted guns.

Boddy also stated that in addition to the firearms, police retrieved a number of air rifles and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

“This program is part of a larger strategy to help reduce the supply of guns available to criminals. I’m confident we’ve kept some guns out of the wrong hands through this program,” said Chief Mark Saunders.

The buyback program, in partnership with the City of Toronto, allows Toronto residents to get rid of their unwanted guns.

In a news conference, Saunders said that the city funded the program, allocating around $750,000.

“When we talk about the cost of saving lives, or potential criminal offences, that cost is a lot higher than that,” said Saunders.

“So I think that the money factor doesn’t way out the safety factor that this has created.”

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