Salma Hayek says .MeToo spurred ‘transformation,’ and equal pay is next

Actress Salma Hayek says the .MeToo movement has led to unprecedented progress in demanding respect for women in the workplace, but that change needs to be reflected in their paycheques.

Hayek says many of her Hollywood dreams seemed impossible when she started her career, but she has since seen a “transformation” in how women and minorities are represented on- and off-screen.

She says there are more strong roles for women than ever before, like the take-no-prisoners Wall Street warrior she plays in “The Hummingbird Project,” which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday.

Hayek says the chorus of celebrities — herself among them — who have spoken out about the widespread mistreatment of women in Hollywood has had ripple effects throughout the entertainment industry and beyond.

Last December, Hayek penned an op-ed in the New York Times alleging she was repeatedly sexually harassed by former film mogul Harvey Weinstein, which his lawyers responded to with a full denial.

Hayek says she thinks the next frontier will be stars using their spotlight to call for equal pay for equal work between men and women in all professions.

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