Madonna still house-hunting in Lisbon

Despite reports claiming the Queen of Pop had already bought an estate in Sintra, it has this week transpired that Madonna may still be house-hunting after she was spotted perusing a property costing over €7 million in the centre of Lisbon.

Currently living at the luxurious Hotel Pestana Palace – allegedly while work was being carried out on the estate she had purportedly bought in Sintra – it seems Madonna is still looking for her dream home.
She was spotted by paparazzi in Lisbon looking at a house in the Lapa neighborhood costing €7.4 million.
Newspaper Correio da Manhã details the property was built in 1865 and is located on a tranquil street on Rua da Arriaga, has four bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a private garden and four garages which can fit up to 20 cars.
The singer has made the move to Portugal with her twin daughters, Esther and Stella, and son, David Banda, and has already visited a number of homes in the capital.
She has also been spotted out and about the Portuguese capital, indulging in cultural experiences like taking in a Fado show at an establishment in Alfama, where she apparently also sang one of her own songs, a jazz-style rendition of Like a Virgin, accompanied by Portuguese musician Dino D’Santiago.
Madonna’s escapades in Lisbon have been well-documented by the singer, who has posted numerous pictures and videos on her social media sites, in a tribute to Portugal that will no doubt fuel its burgeoning popularity overseas.
However, a detailed battle with the country’s customs office, when they allegedly refused to hand over a Fed-Ex parcel, provided a less-than-sparkling portrayal of national bureaucracies.
“When you’ve been arguing with customs all week that you really are Madonna and they still won’t release your package”, she wrote in a caption on her Instagram accompanying a very fed up-looking photo of herself, triggering a series of sympathetic comments.

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