Embrace Transition

First and foremost, it is important to know, “it is okay to not be okay”. If you are like me, then it is sometimes irksome and challenging to deal with transition. A lifecycle’s revolution can be daunting. It may feel as though you are being transplanted out of your own body into an unfamiliar place. Many of us feel suffocated by the linearity of this new era in humanity, collectively spring boarding into a transitional phase in existence. As we enter into a new chapter, we are fearful of not making the most of this different reality.


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How can I ask for greater tolerance to pad and buffer myself with armoury during this time of unrest? Do I need to create the atonement, amalgamation and integration of my psychology, intellectual and emotional states? Transition is part of life, which can be either a petrifying experience or it can be an adventure. I do not mean an adventure in the sense that miraculous things are happening in our external world. But, how is that we can go from being healthy to being unhealthy and then all of a sudden feel that it is an adventure?

The true adventure is who we become in life.  It is what we learn to deal with and how we learn to come out stronger as a consequence of whatever happens to us.  When we enter new terrain, not everything is going to be whimsical. But, what we become, who we become, the resilience we develop… that is where the true wonder lies. That’s what makes transition necessary. If we are going to embrace this dawn of the ages, epoch of our lives, and yearn for things to be like they were in the past, we should be espousal to a new future, and everything that it can bring us. 

As we circumnavigate in the current of the flow, of transition, it is paramount that we intend to drift through it. Your intention is always one with the law. Which is to say, before you even think about a thing, you have an intention for the thing. The intention is going to determine the outcome. If you just manage that… if you just take care of your territory… there are wondrous opportunities and possibilities that are waiting for you. So, the questions are: What are you resisting? What are you pushing against? What are you not allowing? What are you blocking? Is it because you have this idea of who and what you are supposed to be?

Let us have faith, not religious faith, but faith in ourselves. We must believe in our capacity to deal with arduous situations in life. The other thing we need outside of faith is strategy.  We need to have a plan… “I am going into this new phase with everything I got, and every ounce of energy.  Yes, this is unchartered waters. But, I am going to get acquainted with this flamboyant chapter of my life and relish in the process.” Instead of hiding and shying away from the unknown… familiarize yourself.  We have an astounding ability to acclimatize and find a way when the chips are down.

I often share one piece of advice to my children, to take on life with bright eyes and curious minds. To know that life is full of ups and downs and it’s how you cherish those ups and downs that makes life exciting. We may not relish the experience; on the contrary, it may tear us down to our core. In these times, stripped of our armour, we may bask in the presence of our true selves. Accept it, welcome it, and become who you truly need to be within the circumstances of your reality. Embracing life is essential to discovering all that it has to offer.  You need to see the world and take in its splendours for yourself with open arms.

Whatever episode you are entering into your life right now… you have dealt with tough things before. You have dealt with change and you have come through other side stronger than ever.  That is what we do as human beings…we adapt.  This is not your first rodeo, so do not treat it like it is.  You know you can handle it because you have been there before, and that postulates one of the great antidotes to the fear of change.  

If you find yourself in transition, as many of us do at the moment… I know we will be fine. We will acquire equanimity, through the flow and course of transition, with the wisdom brought forward with us. Everything that you are going through right now, no matter how painful and how hard it is to get through, you will get through it and you will be stronger because of it.    I heard a great quote the other day, as the great Bob Marley once said, “You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice!”

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