St. Clair West residents call for increased police patrols after slew of car break-ins

Concerned about a dramatic increase in the number of car break-ins in recent months, residents of St. Clair West are calling on the police to step up their patrols.

Residents met with the Police Liaison Committee Monday evening to discuss the issue and find solutions.

Maurice Bicci, one of the attendees, says he has been living in the area since 1973 and this is the first time he has witnessed anything like this.

He says he was not aware of how wide-scale the problem was until he saw one of his neighbour’s car window smashed in and told others about.

“I mentioned it to a couple of neighbours and they said, ‘Yes, crime has increased substantially in the area,'” Bicci told CBC Toronto.

“I’d like to hear that there will be increased patrols in the area. We do have a lot of kids . . . Let’s try and at least keep it safe for them.”

Coun. Josh Madlow, who represents Ward 22, also attended the meeting.

He said while people are concerned about the expense from the break-ins, they are also living in “a state of fear.”

“It’s been percolating but we’re at a point now where I’m hearing that there are many, many dozens of incidents,” Matlow told CBC Toronto.

“And people just want to know what’s going on, why is it happening and what to expect from the police moving forward,” he said.

“They don’t know what to expect the next morning, not only with their own car but their neighbours cars.”

Acting Insp. Paul Qureshi with 13 Division says police are aware of the problem and are taking steps to address it.

“There has been an increase, we are aware of it, we’ve actually been increasing our patrols in that area,” Qureshi told CBC Toronto following Monday’s meeting.

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