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Two hundred and sixty eight games have been played this season; one is all that remains. In two weeks, Kansas City, the reigning Super Bowl champion, will play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Buffalo and Green Bay gave it a good run, but they fell short last weekend. The Chiefs hammered the Bills 38 – 24, and the Buccaneers survived a furious comeback from the Packers, hanging on to win 31 – 26. 

Some key firsts are happening in Super Bowl LV. This will be the first time the Super Bowl is being played in a home stadium for one of the two teams, as it is being played in Tampa Bay; and this will be the first time the last two Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks will face off against each other. Patrick Mahomes won last year with Kansas City, and Tom Brady won two years ago as a New England Patriot.

Mahomes joked that he looks forward to playing Brady in what seems like his 150th Super Bowl appearance. It does seem like Brady is always there, but this will be his tenth appearance. The only other player in sports history to make the finals 10 times in their respective sport is LeBron James. Love them or hate them, this should show the dedication these two athletes have. Averaging it out, Tom Brady made the finals every two years, for 21 years. Will that ever be broken? Very hard to tell, but Patrick Mahomes has now made it two times in three full seasons of playing. I would be amazed if both teams make it back next year. So this will most likely be the one time these two stars play each other in the final. They played in the AFC Championship game two years ago, which I might add went into overtime, and the Patriots won by the slimmest of margins. Hopefully, this next game is as high scoring and has as many lead changes as that one did.

Patrick Mahomes is a special player; Tom Brady is the GOAT. This should be a Super Bowl for all to cherish. For Patrick Mahomes to ever be considered the GOAT, he needs to win this game. If he loses, even if he comes back and wins six more and breaks Brady’s TD record, a loss here will loom large in that discussion.

As for now, it’s been an interesting year; everyone remain safe and enjoy the game. It is a little too early for me to pick the winner, as I am waiting on updated injury reports. But down below, the three players of the week last week all came from Kansas City; that is something to be mindful of.

Having said that, I watched almost every game these two teams played this year, including the one they played against each other in November. They are BOTH without a doubt going to leave everything they have on the field. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a big comeback in this game or a game that needs overtime to settle the score. Time will tell! Win or lose, it won’t be Brady’s last game. I am just glad that I will finish on the positive side of picking the playoffs spreads. Currently, I am sitting at seven wins and five losses. I want to get that 8th victory. So stay tuned!

*This is the Third Tampa Bay team to make the finals of their sport within a year. The Lightning won the Stanley Cup in the fall and the Devils Rays fell to the Dodgers in the World Series. 

Players of the week
(Conference Championships)

Patrick Mahomes, QB, Kansas City Chiefs
29/38, 325 YDS, 3 TDs

Tyreek Hill, WR, Kansas City Chiefs
9 Rec, 172 YDS, 0 TD

Travis Kelce, TE, Kansas City Chiefs
13 Rec, 118 YDS, 2 TDs

Super Bowl LV: Sunday, February 7

6:30 pm
Raymond James Stadium, Tampa Bay
Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Current Line: -3.0 Kansas City Chiefs

Adam Care/MS

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