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Stay home or go out…. Who is really in charge?




We have just come off a two year plus pandemic where the government told us when to go out and for how long plus we were told to stay home and as it turns out, we never really needed to shut down many of our cities. We took orders like heard of sheep never questioning why and for what reasons as though we as a population needed to stay home and be told when to come out. These and many other draconian methods were used as a control mechanism by those in charge. We as citizens seemed to never question these methods and who was really making these decisions for all of us.

COVID-19 shut us down for two plus years and most recently as things seem to be getting back to normal we are being asked to stay in doors due to bad and this seems to be working as many folks are staying indoors with very little interaction with others. Whoever is making these decisions does not want us to go out and socialize like we have been accustomed to. Now, news outlets are claiming that the balance of the summer will be made up with rolling stay at home orders due to bad environment conditions brought on by the northern fires.

Conspiracy theories such as these swirls around us like noxious germs, targeting the mind instead of the body. And in the same way that our immune system can leave us more vulnerable to pathogens, our emotional state can make us more open to false – and potentially harmful – beliefs. People who feel scared, confused, alone and under siege are especially at risk of coming under the sway of conspiracy theories, experts say. We have a population that listens and never asks questions, thus the reasons why many folks just stay quiet and follow rules and directions based on controlling your every movement. Control is the key work, but the real question is who is the one or one’s pushing those buttons of control.

These fires that have sparked the conversation about global warming lately and have put this topic front and center. Many believe that many of these fires have been set to create much of the present issues that we are facing with pollution and the forcing of government to issue orders to stay indoors. People often believe in conspiracy theories because of lazy thinking…. many experts feel that many of us fall prey to fake news and misinformation. We need to always ask and be nudged to consider whether the claims in front of us are accurate. So, slowing down and asking yourself, is this information biased or unlikely to be true. We as a nation or a global community always need to ask why and stand up for our rights and freedoms.

Feeling isolated and disconnected – emotions plenty of people have struggled with during the pandemic – are primary reasons people fall for conspiracy theories. Make an effort to remain
connected and remember that social distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation. If you do become intrigued by a conspiracy theory, talk to others before you decide it’s valid.

Again, when it comes to these fires, it seems that the wildfire conspiracy theories spread faster than the flames. Again, l am just trying to give you both sides of this story which l feel needs to be covered much more. Disinformation has set social media alight with outlandish conspiracies and false information that are spreading almost as fast as the fires. Social media in particularly those coming out of China are claiming that Canada has started these catastrophic wildfires plaguing Canada and its surroundings that they have been started deliberately via helicopter, drone or direct energy weapons have proliferated across social media, garnering millions of views.

Canada’s ongoing fire season, which has already seen roughly twelve million acres burned, bears the fingerprint of climate change. An unusually warm, dry spring throughout much of the country left soils dry with plenty of tinder. And if you are a conspiracy theorist, what a great place to start…. Canada and much of its untapped wilderness is exposed to possible larceny.

China and its social media platforms are the major creators of spreading misinformation and suspicions about the cause of the wildfires and having millions of viewers watching this misinformation and creating a view that is probably not true. China created COVID-19 and its possible domination of the world and now is using these fires as another possible means to control our every move. Again, l am just putting these possible theories out there.
We are in a changing world with many things not making any sense…. our cities and towns are now embattled with heavy crime waves, drug issues springing up much more rapidly than ever before. Our financial markets have gone through the roof with the cost of living making it unlivable for many. Buying just the basic food items is getting very difficult to acquire and our civility has gone to the wayside. Food bank line ups are enormous and seem to be getting worse with no clarity for the future.

I always try and put positive spin to things and having always been a positive person and trying to find the best in everyone is getting much tougher. I always try to look at both sides of an argument before l make any decisions and move forward with my thought process. But l must come full circle as l first started off with the question of who is in charge and why are these events occurring?

The new world order conspiracy theory posits that a cabal of elites is working behind the scenes to orchestrate global events to enslave the global populace. These powerful elites are secretly implementing a dystopian international governing structure that will grant them complete control over the global populace. Whether this is true or not, we need to put these issues on the table and consider all sides. Many of the issues that we have had to content with as a global community has been challenging to say the least, but we need to make sure that we stand up to all these possible factors without having to bend over and give up.

This is why l am a firm believer in taking care of number one first and that is yourself, because we all need to be mentally and physically prepared at all ages.

Take good care of yourself…. eat well, exercise every day, get enough sleep – you’ve heard it before. But sometimes, it’s the seemingly simple things that really are hard.

Vince Nigro/MS

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