4 Fun Squirrel Feeders for Backyard Entertainment

Squirrels love to raid bird feeders, but a squirrel feeder is a great way to serve them a meal of their own while creating an entertaining wildlife sanctuary in your backyard. Here are four fun squirrel feeders to add to your garden.

1) The Adirondack Feeder

Adding this Adirondack chair feeder to your backyard is a perfectly kitschy way to attract wildlife. Just mount the feeder to a tree or post, then push the screw on the edge of the chair through a corn cob. The feeder is as entertaining for squirrels as it is for people; snap a few fun shots on your camera while they’re eating.

2) The Spinning Feeder

Make snack time an entertaining game for squirrels with this Squirrel-Go-Round feeder. Five posts are attached to an aluminum center hub that spins as squirrels feed. The motion diverts squirrels from bird feeders. With five corn cob attachments, this feeder is irresistible.


3) The Picnic Table Feeder

Children will love watching squirrels sit down to dinner at this adorable picnic table squirrel feeder. Mount a corn cob to the table, and watch squirrels perch on the bench for their meal.

4) The Horse Head Feeder

This hilarious horse head squirrel feeder is designed to hang low to the ground. Squirrels stand on their hind legs and pop their head inside the mask to eat the wildlife food inside.

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