New campaign shows what a completely destroyed Toronto would look like

milenio stadium - rendered-images-of-toronto-before-and-after-imagined-bombings


A new campaign aimed at garnering further aid for wartorn Ukraine is using some extremely striking images to really hit home.

On behalf of non-profit Razom for Ukraine, the Feel What We Feel campaign definitely succeeds in its goal of stirring up some big feelings, taking iconic streetscapes of various cities and painting them over with the destruction and chaos that the European country has now been facing for more than two months straight.

In the video and photo visualizations, Montreal, New York and Toronto are reimagined as bombed-out ghost towns filled with rubble, smoke, and the sounds of gunshots and air raid sirens.


he name of the project was aptly chosen from the words of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who said to Canadian Parliament on March 15, “I would like you to understand and I would like you to feel what we feel every day.”

“Can you imagine if the famous CN Tower was hit by Russian bombs?” he continued. “Can you imagine someone taking down your Canadian flags?”

The quote inspired our team to show Canadians what it would look and feel like if we were under siege and our cities were being destroyed,” the creatives at TANK WW, one of the agencies behind the pro-bono campaign, says in a release this week.

Canadians are asked to donate directly to the cause via the website and to share awareness to solicit further support by using the #FeelWhatWeFeelEveryDay tag on socials.

The juxtapositional renderings of present-day and decimated Toronto can be toggled through on the site, as well as on igital billboards at various transit stops around the city, accessed via a QR code.

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