Apology issued after customers ‘offended’ by Aeroplan survey

Aeroplan’s parent company Aimia is apologizing for a survey it circulated that it says “offended” customers.

The CBC reported that the survey included questions asking if too much immigration “threatens the purity of the country,” whether getting married and having children is “the only real way of having a family” and whether “men have a certain natural superiority over women, and nothing can change this.”

In a statement made to the Canadian Press, Aimia spokesperson Christa Poole says the questions had not been properly reviewed internally and didn’t meet the company’s data-gathering standards.

They came from Aimia’s research partner CROP, a Montreal-based marketing research company which Poole says has been using the questions in Canada for 30 years.

Aimia is vowing to delete any information it collected from the survey and is asking for CROP to do the same.

Poole says the survey was circulated to a small group of Aeroplan members in mid-March.

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