Travel Alert: TAP Air Portugal to strike on February and March – Portugal

The cabin crew workers of TAP Air Portugal have announced a strike for February 9-11 and partial stoppages starting March 28, according to a motion approved Friday, January 19, at the general assembly of the National Union of Civil Aviation Flight Personnel (SNPVAC).

The strikers claim that all possibilities of finding a consensus were exhausted with the union, the government and the airline, and that the basis of the protest is the “discriminatory treatment that the Government imposes on cabin crew workers,” the motion reads.

They are also protesting against TAP constant contempt for company agreements and the deterioration of cabin crew working conditions, complaining that TAP policies disregard the laws protecting parental rights and work related accidents involving cabin crew personnel.

Protesters have decided to present an additional notice of strike, for up to three days each month, “If TAP Air Portugal continues to maintain the same intransigence and bad faith posture,” the motion said.

In North America, TAP Portugal operates in the United States, in a tie-up service with JetBlue, offering flights from its Lisbon hub to New York, Boston, Miami and Newark. The partnership with JetBlue allows both airlines to sell connecting seats on each other’s flights. In June 2017, the Portuguese carrier brought back its operation to Toronto, Canada, for the first time since 1994.

TAP Air Portugal was founded in 1945 as Transportes Aéreos Portugueses (TAP), Portugal’s flag carrier. The carrier was rebranded TAP Air Portugal in 1979 as part of its modernization. The name was dropped in 2005 in favor of the of TAP Portugal. In August 2017, TAP Portugal, brought back the designation ‘TAP Air Portugal’ as part of the effort to promote the airline in North America.

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