Are you desperate to travel?

Right now, we are all desperate for the day when we can travel again and free ourselves of the “new normal” routines. We’ve all been confined to our small houses and cities and are now fed up with online meetings, sitting in front of a screen all day, and depending so much on technology. Our daily tools, 24/7, are laptops, smartphones, email, social media, and whatever else we use to work and communicate with. We all crave to discover new lands and dream of new experiences.

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Our first travel, once the pandemic is over, will be a very special happening: everything will be much more special and intense. It will be like our first travel to a new land when every experience is new again.

The thought of visiting new places, meeting new people, and having new life experiences is what kept us going all year. Just remembering an amazing trip lifts up our spirits. And no, this is not hearsay, science also agrees that traveling really is very good for us.

Let’s go over 5 reasons why scientists claim that traveling is great:


Or, putting it more in a colloquial way helps in keeping our sanity. 😉

Are you desperate to travel-portugal-mileniostadiumWe all know and love the amazing feeling of relaxation we get from a wonderful vacation or even just a long weekend away from home. Traveling helps us refresh our mood and energy, particularly for those of us who are suffering from depression and chronic stress. And we all suffer with some stress these days.

According to a study from the Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin, women who go on a vacation at least twice a year are less likely to experience depression and chronic stress. Although this study focused on women alone, it’s obvious the results would be no different for men since everyone benefits from going on a vacation.

What’s even more interesting is that according to another study, the relaxing benefits of travel can be felt even weeks after it ended and we’re back to our routines. This is particularly relevant now with the increase in the number of people affected by depression since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Everybody knows physical health and mental health go hand in hand. And we all spent too much time on the sofa for the past year if your travel plans include some sort of physical activity that is just perfect!

Even better news is that apparently you don’t really have to break a sweat to reap benefits for your physical health. A study from the Global Commission on Aging and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, in partnership with the U.S. Travel Association, concluded that traveling lowers the risk of heart disease in both men and women. We do not advise you to become a vacation couch potato, though. Leave the sofa and start exercising!


Are you desperate to travel-portugal-mileniostadiumLearning a new language is great for our brain but don’t worry: we don’t need to take an intensive course before traveling to a country with a different language. Just learn a few basic words and phrases and it will not only boost your brain but also improve the general quality of your travel. Besides, it will be fun to see the faces of locals trying to understand what you are saying. This will also come in handy if you get lost or ever find yourself in a complicated situation. Besides, whether you choose a famous travel destination or a lesser-known spot, locals always appreciate it when tourists from abroad make that extra effort.


“Eat, drink and be merry”, so the saying goes! Even if we already tried some of the delicacies of the country we’re traveling to, eating them on the spot and with the locals is much more fun and special experience. There are many unique and delicious dishes to be discovered. Last but not least, trying new foods and drinks will broaden one’s palate and mean a whole new world of sensory experiences – and we all love to have new experiences.


We don’t live inside a bubble. Travelling exposes us to different cultures and different ways of seeing the world. Dealing with different ways of living life and seeing the world is a wonderful way of shaking things up and stepping out of our comfort zone. Even unexpected situations or setbacks can become great stories to tell to our friends and family.

Yes, we know that right now all the rules and guidelines for traveling are a bit blurry and uncertain. Traveling always implies some precautions and now, more than ever, it’s important to take specific safety measures. But if we travel with the help of professional guidance and support given by a local agency we will have a much more safe and stress-free experience. They are the right people to help and advise us.

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