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5 healthy tips to ring in spring

We have finally come to a point where the weather is somewhat tolerable, the sun has made an appearance and we are ready for all those spring vibes to come through. At the start of spring, it’s a great opportunity to have a fresh start in terms of being healthy.

A brand new season means new habits to improve your daily life as best as possible. You may have lost your way in the winter months, and that is totally OK. There is never a bad time to pick yourself up and make better decisions for your health to get back on the right path.

Clean out your fridge & pantry

Be mindful of your fridge. Know what’s in there, what is healthy and what you think you should cut out. Remove everything that’s in there, be sure to remove the shelves and clean them. Restock your shelves with fresh, delicious and nutritious foods. The key is to get rid of any trigger foods. When you have healthy options in the fridge, it’s easier to cook and snack on foods that will make you feel good. With a clean fridge, foods will stay fresher for a longer period of time.

Swap out some of the heavier foods from your diet

In the winter, people tend to gravitate towards comfort foods. Those heavy, high-caloric meals rather than something light and fresh. Now that spring is here, it’s time to get going on those lighter meals since in-season produce is so delicious. Now is the perfect time for some fresh asparagus, artichokes and lettuce. For something sweet for your taste buds, strawberries are great this time of year as well!

Start to cook more instead of taking out

We all know how easy it is to Uber Eats a meal when you’re exhausted after a long day at school or the office. Cooking doesn’t have to be hard. You can create a meal that is healthy and will fuel your body. It is so much more rewarding for yourself when you cook something healthy at the end of the day. Hit the grocery store and pick up one or two proteins and tons of veggies. Major tip – meal-prepping is a great way to have meals that are ready for when you come home instead of scrolling through Uber Eats trying to decide what to eat for an hour.

Try to cut out sugar where you can

I’ll admit, I’m a coffee drinker and used to put sugar in my coffee. The best decision I ever made was slashing out the sugar. To be fully honest, added sugar has no real nutritional value. I’m not advising you need to cut ALL the sugar out but be mindful of how much you are intaking. Too much sugar can mess with your blood sugar levels, make you tired and contribute to diabetes. Start small like I did – if you usually take two sugars in your coffee, drop down to one, then to none. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Tell yourself 5 minutes

Here’s a scenario for you. That brownie at your favourite bakery is staring at you from behind the glass and you’re tempted (this literally happens to me multiple times per week). What I’ve learned to do is telling myself “you can have it in five minutes”. By then, you have left the bakery, no brownie in hand and you don’t have time to go back. Works every time. The craving is no longer there and you don’t have the guilty feeling of eating something you didn’t really need.

Melissa DaCosta

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