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Struck By Lightening

Struck By Lightening 

By SD Martins

   “Another Marvel superhero movie!?” – groan.  That’s literally what I said walking into Thor: Ragnarok.  Simply put, I have SOMMS – So Over Marvel Movies Syndrome. Their superhero formula, which was once revolutionary, has now become eye-rollingly redundant.  

     As I braced myself for the same tired troops, I was surprised by what I saw.  Not only was Kate Blatchett amazing (I swear that woman can play anything), but the whole movie was really funny and fun to watch.  

     As always, the special effects and action sequences were amazing (especially in 3D) and it didn’t look like a cluttered mess that you can’t make heads or karate chops of.  Unlike previous Marvel films, Thor: Ragnarok didn’t rely heavily on fight sequences and special effects to build conflict.  

     Instead the focus was placed on character growth and making us empathize with their personal struggles.  This was a welcome change from the witty one-liners and cool sarcasm that we’re usually subjected too (there’s only so much of that you can take before you just don’t care if the character lives or dies). 

      That emotional investment paid off.  The conflict builds naturally throughout the movie.  The tension pulls you in, and when a fight scene does break out you’re totally invested – something that special effects alone could never satisfy.

      However, this good news is a mixed bowl; it seems that Marvel couldn’t break all their bad habits. Annoying one-dimensional support characters and over using situational comedy were still injected.  Still, it was a great improvement overall. 

    The one thing that ran through my mind as the end credits revealed the sneak peek of the next instalment –  Will lightening strike twice?

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