So tender, so tasty! “lt’s Finger Lickin’ Good!”


Oh! The aroma, the taste and of course, the “Grecian Bread”, who can forget the batter with secret spices and salads… The tilted rotating bucket in the sky.



Today I will share a few KFC items from my eclectic collection. My first experience and exposure to KFC was in 1973, while my family and I were living in a second floor flat at 3 Rolyat Street. The KFC was located at the south east corner of Grave Avenue and Dundas Street West, Toronto (the location has since been closed and re-developed – you guessed it, condos), steps away from our flat. When the windows were propped open on the second floor, the aroma from the deep fryer would filter into our flat, what a memory! “O velho da galinha”, as my mother would refer to. The chicken was only purchased and enjoyed during special occasions. My dad was the one who was especially fond of the skin and was quite content, only eating that part from each piece. I personally always preferred the white meat parts, you know, wing, breast, and rib, and still do today. The macaroni salad was delicious, creamy, and basically melted in one’s mouth. The classic “Dinner for one”, was my favourite, three pieces of scrumptious chicken, macaroni salad, warm and soft Grecian bread and hot French fries. These days, I  only consume once or twice a year and it fails in comparison to the KFC of old.

Harland David Sanders was born on September 9, 1890 and began his chicken operation in 1952 at the age of 65! Today, it is perhaps one of the most famous and recognized brands in the world. ln 1953, he allowed his franchises to be opened in Canada, under the Scott’s Chicken Villa banner. Within six years, Scott’s opened 20 more stores, each with a giant rotating bucket in the sky. Finally, in 1969, Scott’s became listed on the TSE, and the value of each share doubled in value during the first 30 days. KFC in the US grew so rapidly the colonel sold to Jack Massey and John Brown in 1964 for the sum of $2 million. Sanders kept his Canadian division incorporating a new company, (Colonel Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken of Canada, Ltd.). Profits were diverted into the Harland Sanders Charitable Foundation of Canada. Sanders lived in Mississauga, Ontario at 1337 Melton Drive, during the 60’s and 70’s. His foundation helped to fund the Trillium Health Centre and Mississauga Credit Valley, particularly The Colonel Harland Sanders Wing! Get it? Wing, not leg, thigh or breast.

He died on December 16, 1980 and is buried in Louisville, Kentucky.

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