Peter Serrado – One of our very own

Reno Silva

Hello everyone, this is a special time to acknowledge a proud moment in our music community’s history, as one of our own have made a significant move unlike any one before. Our community’s very own, and MDC Media Group sponsored artist, Peter Serrado is performing at the “RTP Festival Da Canção” in Lisbon, Portugal this Sunday, the 25 of February in what will be the 2nd phase of the competition.
The competition is essentially the one that chooses the song it will send to represent Portugal in the acclaimed Eurovision competition. In this “Festival Da Canção” there were a total of 26 songs broken up into 2 parts consisting of 13 songs in each. From those 13 songs in each round, seven will advance to the finals in Guimarães on Sunday March 4th, 2018. This competition is unique as in that it is the song competing and not the singer, although the choice to represent the song is very much as important as the song itself to capture the vision of the songwriter. What this does do however, is give us some of Portugal’s most well-known artists that are writing songs betting on some other singers singing the song they wrote. Such was the case in the first round with Jorge Palma writing the song “Sem Medo” sung by Rui David as well as Isaura writing the song “O Jardim” sung by Cláudia Pascoal and Paulo Praça writing “A Mesma Canção” sung by Maria Amaral. The competition also features Miguel Angelo of Delfins, Jose Cid and one of today’s biggest chart toppers in Portugal Diogo Piçarra.
This is a historic event. It is the first time, that the “Festival Da Canção” has ever gone beyond its borders to consider a composer, and out of 390 entries from around the globe the one final spot was awarded to Peter Serrado. To have an artist from our backyard, have a song he wrote recognized in a competition with some of the biggest names in Portugal is not only to be commended, but celebrated, supported and talked about. It very much is a big deal, regardless of whether or not he advances, because it has never happened before. Modern Portuguese music and the demand for it is now being driven by the youth, the YouTube plays on all of the charting artists confirm that. Even on the radio, Portuguese content is rising as the youth demands it, and to have Peter Serrado joining as one of the voices in that movement, is unheralded, thus far at least.
We applaud Peter, not only as one of our MDC Sponsored Artists, but moreover as gift from our community to add to a movement very much underway in Portugal, proud that he is representing us in this unique way. February 25th at 4:00pm, the 2nd phase of this competition will start – I encourage everyone to watch, listen and support him as one of our own, Peter Serrado is reaching high to have everyone hear him.

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