More cartoons please!

More cartoons please-toronto-mileniostadium
Cartoon Stella Jurgen/MS

Most people have a good chuckle when they read cartoons on the newspapers. Some cartoons are funny, and others aren’t. Not all have to be funny, but they all communicate a message. It’s all about the cartoonist’s perspective on the subject matter. As a child, I always took my father’s newspaper just to see the cartoon. I don’t think I had a fascination for it, but I enjoyed the artistic insertion between a ton of words. I grew up LOVING to draw, and analyzing illustrations and trying to copy them as close as possible. My notebooks from school were full of drawings, I always put 200% of effort to get it just right. The saddest and most terrifying event in my life happened when I was 9-years-old—we boarded a ship and spent 14 days at sea, sailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Lisbon. We were moving to Portugal for good. During that long and boring trip, there was one thing that made me happy—an art contest. I drew an illustration of Pinocchio that made an impression. That creation won me first prize! 

Well, then it started, the bug to be good at something with a reward at the end… that was just swell, I thought. At 15 I was awarded a prize for my cartoon “Pluto” by the Diário de Notícias in Lisbon “A Stella revela-se uma desenhadora de largos recursos e, se aprefeiçoar a sua habilidade e se estudar numa escola da especialidade, poderá vir a ser uma grande pintora ou cartonista. DN”. “Stella could become a great painter or cartoonist”, that stuck to me and it inspired me to do more of what I love.

After many drawings, paintings, I discovered urban sketching. That was eye opening, literally. I had never thought that drawing architectural buildings was so important for what I do today. After posting some of my ink drawings on social media, Manuel Da Costa reached out to me about drawing cartoons for the Milénio Stadium. I wasn’t expecting this at all, but a door that opens is an exciting venture to me, so I welcomed it with an open mind. I have a funny and quirky side and I can draw, so it makes me happy that I am able to add a bit of humour to your weekly reading.

Today we celebrate the 100th cartoon for Milénio Stadium and during this adventure I have learned about subjects that I never thought I would be interested in, such as politics, economics, social and environmental issues. It’s made me understand how to communicate a different point of view in a simplified and fun approach. It’s made me more aware of the world and the way we make history. I feel enriched by this experience. I am thrilled to be illustrating the editorial every week and sometimes I am laughing by myself as I am drawing the first sketch, I know then it will be a good one. I welcome your feedback and suggestions for 2021, so drop me a line at [email protected]—I would love to hear from you. Enjoy this week’s 100th cartoon!

I didn’t know my artistic career would include cartooning, but it seems that had already been decided a long time ago. Which is so funny!

Stella Jurgen/MS

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