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Nico Paulo performing at the MOD Club


This coming week, the culmination of a unique search within our Lusophone community for not only the diversity our music community has to offer, but one that would stand out with a chance to take their aspirations to the next level comes to its final stage. The search for this next Luso star began at the end of 2019, with auditions beginning in January of 2020 and after reductions were made, performances at Toronto’s MOD Club took place in February of 2020.

Clearly, this all took place at a time that now seems so far away where we could go out to enjoy live performances and dance to our heart’s content, but the situation in the world today had a lot to say about any of this, much like many other things getting put on hold. But through eased restrictions and a return to filming, we set about our course once again to showcase the talent that deserved to be seen and heard. What have got for you, is a collection of talented people, who very much take their art seriously, their musical expression and their integration with their Portuguese speaking roots infused by their musical upbringing. We have artists from a Portuguese background, Brazilian background and Goan background, clearly illustrating how strong that musical bloodline makes its way from the parents to their children.

This competition resolves the six day episodes with an announcement on the following Tuesday on the 28th of September where the winner will be announced. What the winner will receive, is first $5000.00 cash, a fantastic boost to help further the artist’s career as well as a record to be recorded with MDC Music. Fans have a chance to vote for their favorite artist on the show’s social media page on Instagram @thebeatseries. This opportunity however, is not only about winning, as much as it is a chance for artists themselves to get recognized visually with all the social media publicity and television coverage, but also a chance for the public to know artists and music they otherwise would not necessarily hear or see.

Hosts Catarina Balça and Charly Prince will guide you through the 13 individual artists which were chosen, giving you not only a look at their background to learn about each artist, but also see their audition and MOD Club performances as well. Beat scouts Nathan and Britt do their best to get behind the music with each artist to find out what makes each one tick as well as highlight their ties to the Lusophone roots they inherited. We also have a couple of guest appearances to highlight certain episodes as well as insight from various influencers and prominent musical figures within our community.

We also have a good mixture of genres covered in the six episodes, spanning everything from rock to alternative, pop to R&B, jazz to fusion and even rap to samba. The diversity is highlighted with a few bands filling up the MOD Club stage as well as some dynamic solo performances. Watching all of this go down from a mezzanine, it was a unique time to see some artists and bands that were so much polar ends from one another, and not only exist on the same stage one after the other, but have their fans also support the other bands and integrate with one another.

The episodes will start on Monday September 21st at 8:30pm and run until Saturday September 26th on Camões TV (Bell Fibe channel 659, Rogers Cable channel 672) as well as live on YouTube. Please tune in to see what we have done, I am sure you are sure to discover an artist you will become a fan of and maybe even help vote them onto the start of their musical career!

Reno Silva/MS

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