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Cineplex signs 4DX deal to expand the technology across the country

Cineplex Inc. says it has signed an agreement with immersive cinema company CJ 4DPLEX Co. Ltd. to bring 4DX technology to 13 cinemas.

The deal with Seoul-based CJ 4DPLEX will mark the first time Cineplex will deliver 4DX’s motion, wind, fog, rain, lightning, snow, bubbles, vibration and scent features to theatre seats in markets outside of Toronto.

Cineplex says it will announce cities that will receive 4DX cinemas in the coming months, but is looking at cities like Vancouver and Montreal.

Cineplex’s Scotiabank Theatre Chinook in Calgary will be among the first of the theatres to be outfitted with the technology.

The CJ 4DPLEX deal comes days after Cineplex announced it is partnering with technology company VRstudios Inc. to bring between 30 and 40 virtual reality installations to Canada.

The company has recently been pushing to diversify its business beyond movie theatres in order to combat box office volatility, streaming services including Netflix and dips in audience numbers.

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