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Today I will share my vintage espresso percolator pieces. Coffee has become a very important beverage and is consumed in every corner of the world. Data reveals that over two billion cups are served every day. AII the espresso coffee percolators in my collection are either the stove top type or electric. The principle of espresso making was discovered in 1933 by Italian engineer Alfonso Bialetti and is simply known as the “Moka” pot, which is named after the city of “Mocha” in Yemen. The Moka pot is either an electric or stove-top coffee maker, which brews coffee by forcing boiling water, pressurized by steam vapour through ground coffee. Originally from Italy, the Moka pot is most commonly used in Latin America and Europe. Moka Pots are fabricated in many different designs, but most commonly are constructed of aluminium or stainless steel. Many of the pots in my collection are modified versions of the original, “Bialetti”.


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Although the methodology process of loading and brewing coffee is exactly the same, there are several types of Moka pots, that have also been fit with systems that allow milk to be frothed and ultimately mixed with coffee during the brewing process. The most famous being “Bialetti Mukka Espress”. The word “Mucca” in ltalian means milk-cow and so “Mukka” phonetic pun.

The aroma, flavour and consistency of Moka pot coffee depends greatly on roast, quality of water, and type of heat source. Sometimes referred to as stove-top espresso maker, the volume of yield is much different from the conventional commercial espresso machines.

Technically it is not considered to be an espresso as it is only extracted at a pressure of 100 to 200 kilopascals, while commercial machines extract at over 900 kilopascals which is the typical standard for espresso coffee. The type of coffee making I have been describing is widely known as “Neapolitan Coffee”.

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Armando Terra

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