Wynne likens Ford to Trump, saying he is a ‘bully’ who lies

Likening Doug Ford to Donald Trump, Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne says the Progressive Conservative leader is a “bully” who tells “lies.”

In a stunning broadside against Ford three weeks before the official start of the June 7 election, Wynne said “Doug Ford sounds like Donald Trump and that’s because he is like Donald Trump.”

“He believes in an ugly, vicious brand of politics that traffics in smears and lies. He’ll say anything about anyone at any time because — just like Trump — it is all about him,” the premier said Wednesday at Sunnybrook Hospital.

“That’s how Trump campaigned in 2016 and that’s how Ford is campaigning right now. I guarantee you that it will get worse before it gets better,” she said.

“We saw it this week when Doug lied — flat out lied — about his appalling comments about families living with autism, lacking the courage to admit the truth and own up to his own words. He took the coward’s way out and he denied the undeniable.”

That was a reference to Ford claiming he never said in 2014 that an Etobicoke home for children with autism and developmental disabilities was an “absolute nightmare” that “ruined the community.”

“You’re going to hear a lot of lies. Desperate lies,” the Conservative leader said Sunday as he unveiled his campaign bus.

The statement, made while he was a Toronto councillor, was widely reported at the time.

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