Warm air from U.S. brings weather whiplash to GTA

A low pressure system moving up from the U.S. is forecast to make for a day of weird weather in much of southern Ontario.

After a seasonably cold day Thursday, temperatures started to rise overnight in Toronto and surrounding regions, according to Environment Canada.

It should be about 10 C by midday Friday, with the wet snow and rain that fell through the night tapering out around the same time.

A system that originated over Colorado and made its way north through the American Midwest is driving warm air over southern Ontario, said Desjanelle Matthews, a severe weather meteorologist with Environment Canada.

Starting around 8 p.m., however, temperatures will start to plunge considerably. By the early morning hours on Saturday, the mercury will hover around –3 C, though it will feel more like –9.

Not all of Ontario will see warmer than usual temperatures today, Matthews added. In the northern reaches of the province, an extreme cold warning forecasts a low of –30 C, with the air feeling like –45.

“We’ve got the quite the temperature range here in Ontario today,” she said.

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