TTC board approves 10-cent fare hike to take effect April 1

The same day that Toronto transit riders faced major delays on their morning commute, the TTC board voted in favour of a 10-cent fare hike.

If the budget is approved by city council, starting on April 1, the increase will apply across the board with the exception of adult cash fares, which would stay at $3.25.

That means tokens and adult fares paid by the PRESTO e-purse will cost $3.10, up from $3. Seniors’ cash fares, tickets and PRESTO payments would also rise, along with student fares and monthly passes.

TTC staff say the increase could provide roughly $26 million in added revenue. Previous decisions and “unavoidable pressures” necessitate the rise, according to a recently released budget report.
TTC planning 10 cent fare hike on April 1, new budget documents show
The proposed increase also comes amid the province’s controversial planned takeover of the TTC subway system, which the PC government has framed as a way to enable more expansion.

It also comes as the transit agency apologized for admittedly “awful” service for customers affected by signal problems on Line 1 Thursday.
Signal issues cause major subway delays for morning commuters
The TTC says the average fare increase over the last two years remains below the rate of inflation.

“Fares did not rise in 2018,” the agency said in a release.

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